UVA Wise Within Reach

Keeping College Within Reach

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise is committed to keeping college accessible through our Within Reach initiative. Through this program, we ensure that any students from Virginia whose families have incomes of $40,000 or less, who qualify for admission to UVA Wise, will have their tuition and fees paid for on their behalf.

We understand the financial challenges many of our students and families face and we do not want our education to be a burden.”
–Chris Dearth, vice chancellor for enrollment management


  • Be accepted to UVA Wise as a regular, non-provisionally admitted student
  • Be a Virginia resident eligible to receive in-state tuition
  • Have a family income of less than $40,000 as determined via FAFSA and assets less than $75,000.
  • Complete a Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit it annually by February 15


What do I need to do if I’m interested?
Submit your application for admission to UVA Wise and complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by Feb 15. UVA Wise’s FAFSA code is 003747.

Will this award be available for four years of attendance?
If you make satisfactory academic progress and file your FAFSA by February 15 each year, you will continue to qualify for and receive this scholarship. Your need may be reassessed if there are significant changes to your family income.

How will I know if I’m awarded this opportunity?
Scholarships and grants are laid out in your award letter, which comes following your acceptance to UVA Wise. Our financial aid experts are always happy to sit down with you and your family to understand the process of financial aid, including with your award letter.

Does UVA Wise’s Within Reach program affect current students?
Current students are encouraged to contact Financial Aid to ensure they are getting all of the aid they need to cover tuition and fees at UVA Wise.

Will this initiative help me if I am not a resident of Virginia?
UVA Wise’s Within Reach program is designed for citizens of Virginia, but we also offer a tuition program designed for you if you are from the Appalachian Regional Commission territory, which stretches from New York to Mississippi.

What are the amounts covered?
The amounts covered include tuition and student fees, as determined by the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors.

How are the amounts covered?
The College will consider all sources of funding available to the student when determining eligibility. For example, if you have a Federal Pell Grant, a Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program Grant, a scholarship from the College, etc., these resources will be totaled and applied toward the portion of your grant that would meet this new initiative regarding tuition and student fees for in-state undergraduate students.


Virginia students from families with incomes of $40,000 or less that qualify for admission to UVA Wise will have 100% of tuition and fees fully met. The College will provide the amount of full tuition as well as student fees for up to eight semesters for undergraduate students, who must utilize the funds within nine consecutive semesters.

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be eligible for in-state tuition privileges
  • Be a full-time, degree-seeking student who is eligible to apply for federal and institutional financial aid
  • Have total family income less than $40,000 and assets less than $75,000
  • Be attempting their first bachelor’s degree (no second degree, graduate students, or certificate programs)

These additions to the UVA Wise Within Reach program begin with the Fall Semester 2020 and are only applicable for the fall and spring terms each year. The changes do not apply to Summer Session.

Applications completed after the deadline will not be considered for these new commitments, but will be considered for need-based aid depending on the availability of funds. You must meet all eligibility requirements for need-based financial aid including satisfactory academic progress for returning students.

All Virginia residents admitted to UVA Wise through Early Decision I or II and rolling admissions (regular admitted students) with a family income of $40,000 or less and a completed FAFSA by February 15 will qualify to have 100% of the cost of tuition and student fees fully met. Any additional institutional grants or scholarships that the student qualifies for will be added to the financial aid award up to, but not exceeding, the cost of attendance. UVA Wise reserves the right to reduce the amount of any grant or scholarship if the package exceeds the cost of attendance.  Students are only eligible for this program during the fall and spring semesters.

All students will have to qualify for this program each year (up to eight semesters of enrollment over a nine contiguous semester period). Returning students must submit the FAFSA by February 15 each year, and meet minimum academic progress requirements and have no student conduct issues. Students must maintain full-time degree seeking status each year.

Consideration for eligibility is available for eight semesters of enrollment. If you attend beyond this time period, you will be considered for other types of aid at the College but not these new commitments for families with incomes less than $40,000.

If you are previously considered out-of-state for tuition purposes and are later in your career determined to be eligible for in-state tuition privileges, we will count your semesters when you were out-of-state as part of your eight semesters.

Eligibility is determined for each individual year, and can change depending on your family’s financial circumstances. For instance, if your income is too high to qualify in Year Two but is in the eligible range in Year Three, then you would be ineligible for Year Two but eligible for Year Three. It’s extremely important to note that if you become ineligible for the full cost of tuition and student fees you will be still considered for all other types of aid at the College, including state and institutional grants.

The Office of Financial Aid will determine a student’s initial offer based on information known at the time of offering. If a student’s status changes or if additional resources, such as outside scholarships, are offered at any time, Financial Aid will revisit the initial determination of eligibility and make a new evaluation.

Any benefit received that is specifically designated for tuition and student fees will reduce the College’s commitment to the full tuition and student fees total.

If your status for tuition purposes changes from in-state to out-of-state, you may no longer be eligible for the full amount of tuition and fees.  In such cases, because you will be charged out-of-state tuition, which is substantially higher than in-state tuition, Financial Aid will still review your application to determine your eligibility under the UVA Wise Within Reach program and will meet that full eligibility.

Your eligibility will be reviewed each academic year in which you enroll.  If you take a semester away, your eligibility will be determined again upon your return to the College.  Any semester in which you enjoyed the benefits of these changes but withdrew before the semester was completed will count towards your 8 semesters of benefits.

Fall or spring semester abroad counts against your 8-semester limit for these benefits.  If you study abroad, your financial aid eligibility will still be evaluated and determined according to the standard UVA Wise policies.

Apply now or contact an Admissions Counselor at info@uvawise.edu or 276.328.0102.