School Songs

School Songs

Our Alma Mater

“Dogwood and Rhododendron”

Music and lyrics by T. W. Gibson and G. A. Gurney

’Mid the dogwood and rhododendron,
That good land of mine;
Where the Cavaliers and the Pioneers
Set our college up beside the Lonesome Pine.
There we will, forever, be singing the praise
Of the dogwood and rhododendron,
And Clinch Valley days.


Dear old Clinch Valley
Around her we’ll rally.
For dear old Clinch Valley
Our voices we’ll raise.
When we are leaving
Our hearts will be grieving.
We’ll remember Clinch Valley
The rest of our days.

Though the green leaves and flow’ring blossoms
May wither and fade,
When the winter’s o’er there will come some more
And the hills again in splendor be arrayed.
Then we who are here now have passed on our way
There’ll be others to see Clinch Valley
Forever will stay.

And the dogwood and rhododendron
On good land did thrive
As the Cavaliers in those early years
In these mountain lands for better lives did strive.
So we will forever remember our ties
To Clinch Valley our mother college
Of UVa-Wise.


Our Fight Song

Fight on, Highland Cavs,
Storm the field, through both halves.
We’ll win the game and laud the name
Of the Highland Cavaliers.

Fight on, to victory,
Once again, triumphantly.
C-A-V-S Go, Cavs Go

We’ll win the game and hail the name
Of the Highland Cavaliers

Fight, Fight, Fight Cavaliers!

The Ballad of Crockett Hall
by Randall Hylton ’68

(to the tune of Millers Cave)

Way down in the hills of Wise County
Where the natives say “you-all”
There’s a home for wayward women
God help the man who has to live in Crockett Hall.

You can’t stand the heat in summer
You can’t stand the cold in fall
You can’t stand the snow in winter
If you have to live in Crockett Hall.

Because the snow blows throughout the windows
And the wind comes through the walls
And the rain leaks through the ceiling
It’s a cozy little place at Crockett Hall.

We have heat and running water
When we need them least of all
But if you want to take a shower
You can bet the water’s cold at Crockett Hall.

Now, our commodes weren’t made for flushing
Coke machines won’t work at all
Doors won’t shut, they stand wide open
But economy is the word at Crockett Hall.

If you go down to the lounge
And your chair beneath you falls
Call Jim Lipps for an estimation
Of the damage you have done at Crockett Hall.

But if you want to have a good time
If you want to have a ball
Send Mr. Willis twenty-five dollars
And you can go live in Crockett Hall.

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