Alumni Stories

Student Testimonials & Alumni Success Stories

Our teaching goes beyond the classroom. UVa-Wise professors are dedicated to student success in the short and long term. They will help you explore your talents and start cultivating a career long before you graduate. Our alumni tell success stories of a school that made a difference to them and prepared them for a successful and fulfilling personal and career life after college. Read some of our college student testimonials below to find out why so many students enjoy life at UVa-Wise and beyond.

jessica shartouny

Jessica Shartouny, Class of 2013

"UVa-Wise's small size gave me opportunities to develop skills outside of the classroom. When I wasn't working closely with faculty on research projects, I was able to meet visiting speakers, attend guest lectures, and even present my own work at conferences. I also conducted research in South Africa, Ecuador and Germany. Each of these experiences—many of which wouldn't have been available at other schools—prepared me to succeed after graduation."

Jentry Mullins

Jentry Mullins, Class of 2014

"UVa-Wise is a small school that made my big dreams a reality. The student involvement and one-on-one commitment from professors not only helped me get a summer internship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but also prepared me to be successful once I got there. In Tampa, I made a network of strong connections I'll use for the rest of my career. UVa-Wise has set me up for a very long time!"

James Long

James Long, Class of 2013

"I've learned so much about entrepreneurship, and I give all the credit to UVa-Wise. Working with Shannon Blevins, the Director of Economics in the Human Resource department, as an entrepreneurial research specialist has improved my communication skills and given me many networking opportunities, which will support my entrepreneurial plans. But I believe the most important thing I received from this experience is the opportunity to promote entrepreneurship and help others start their own business."

zach holcomb

Zack Holcomb, Class of 2013

"The opportunity I have to receive medical training from a world-class institution is due in no small part to UVa-Wise. My professors were extremely helpful during my four years there and throughout my applying to medical school. And now that I'm two months into my first semester of medical school, I realize just how well UVa-Wise prepared me."

Samantha Smith alum in lab

Samantha Smith, Class of 2014

"Dr. Floyd Beckford and UVa-Wise have provided me with unique opportunities that will be crucial to my future career as a physician. I began working on an undergraduate research project with Dr. Beckford, studying organometallic ruthenium complexes to develop drugs that target cancer cells as opposed to healthy cells. This research has fostered my critical thinking skills and given me the opportunity to present at the American Chemical Society's National Spring Conference in New Orleans!"

Jesse Miles in lab

Jesse Miles, Class of 2013

"In Spring 2014 I'll be enrolling in Purdue University's Department of Forestry and Natural Resources for my Master's in Wildlife Biology. UVa-Wise prepared me for this in many ways. The small-college atmosphere gave me the opportunities to talk with my professors about my plans and how to best pursue them—and to work side by side with these professors on research that would be relevant to my future studies and career."

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