Your degree is just the beginning.

Recent UVa-Wise graduates have gone to work for Northrop-Grumman, the United States Department of Agriculture, and HBO.

James Long, Class of 2013

"Working with Shannon Blevins, the Director of Economics in the Human Resource department...has improved my communication skills and given me many networking opportunities, which will support my entrepreneurial plans."

Samantha Smith, Class of 2014

"Dr. Floyd Beckford and UVa-Wise have provided me with unique opportunities that will be crucial to my future career as a physician."

Jessica Shartouny, Class of 2013

"I also conducted research in South Africa, Ecuador and Germany. Each of these experiences—many of which wouldn't have been available at other schools—prepared me to succeed after graduation."

Zack Holcomb, Class of 2013

"And now that I'm two months into my first semester of medical school, I realize just how well UVa-Wise prepared me."

Department of Business & Economics

advisor with student

Business Majors

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Pre-Law

Business Careers

The business department’s bachelor degrees lead students into law, consulting, business/financial analysis, public policy or public administration. Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees prepare students for careers or graduate school in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, management, business administration, business education or entrepreneurship.

Department of Communications

Small classes

Communications Majors

  • Communications

Communications Careers

The communications department prepares students for careers in teaching, journalism, entertainment, writing or speech therapy.

Department of Education

professor helping students


  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Secondary
  • Special Education
  • Library Media
  • Health Education
  • Driver Education
  • Teacher Education Program

Education Careers

The education department sets students up to earn their license and pursue teaching careers in a variety of age ranges and subject matters.

Department of History & Philosophy

professor in class

History & Philosophy Majors

  • History & Philosophy

History & Philosophy Careers

UVa-Wise graduates with history or philosophy degrees have pursued successful careers in law, journalism, teaching, museums, archives, historic sites, government service, and business.

Department of Language and Literature

male student studying


  • Literature and Foreign Language (French, Spanish, German)

Language & Literature Careers

Language majors equip students to pursue careers in writing, editing, publishing and translating or using their foreign language skills to work for government agencies and embassies.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS)

pic of computer lab


  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Management Information Systems
  • Software Engineering


  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics

Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Careers

Graduates may go on to pursue degrees in information technology, software development and computer engineering.

Department of Natural Sciences

students in lab


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Pre-Forestry
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Veterinary
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy

Natural Sciences Careers

The natural sciences are a jumping-off point for anyone interested in a career in medicine, scientific research, environmental consulting, forestry, dentistry, pharmacology or physical therapy.

Department of Nursing

nursing students


  • Nursing

Nursing Careers

The nursing program prepares students to be professional nurses able to practice in a caring manner on a regional, national, and global level.

Department of Social Sciences



  • Psychology
  • Government (concentrations in Political Science and Public Administration)
  • Sociology
  • Administration of Justice

Social Sciences Careers

Graduates go on to work in fields ranging from government administration to law, law enforcement, counseling and social work.

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Visual Arts performance

Majors / Minors

  • Art
  • Theatre
  • Music

Visual and Performing Arts Careers

These majors are the beginnings of careers in painting, acting, music composition, directing, and more.

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