The Campaign

From the UVA Wise Campaign Cabinet Co-Chairs

Dear Friends:

This is a remarkable time in the history of The University of Virginia’s College at Wise as we publicly launch an ambitious Campaign which focuses on impacting the future for students, faculty, staff, community, the Commonwealth, the nation and the world. We have an opportunity to join together to fuel the aspirational goals of the College at Wise to provide the best liberal arts education to the students who come here live and learn.

We have already accomplished much in this Campaign but many opportunities remain. Increasing need-based and merit-based scholarships is a top priority. Higher education institutions who distinguish themselves for excellence have adequate funds in which to operate and we aspire to endow operational funds for every academic and athletic unit so they, too, can thrive.

We invite you to join us on this journey to make UVA Wise an even more incredible place for the amazing students that we serve.


Lewey K. Lee, Co-Chair

Rhonda M. Perkins, Co-Chair

Study group

Support Student Access Through Scholarships

Student support is among the highest priorities of the UVA Wise Campaign. With a rich tradition of working hard to make it possible for students to graduate with the least amount of debt possible, we are grateful to the alumni and friends who generously support student scholarships.

Basketball player in convocation

Ignite Competitiveness with Athletic Support

Providing exceptional opportunities for students to participate as part of a team is important to the overall development of the students at UVA Wise.

Student working in lab

Inspire Experiential Learning and Academic Excellence

Our academic programs include both exceptionally strong majors and offerings that are unique in the region served by the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. Two areas that are seeing rapid growth at UVA Wise are undergraduate research and international study abroad programs.

class lecture

Empower Outstanding Professors

The recruiting and retention of exceptional faculty across every discipline is a top priority for the College. The optimum avenue to achieve this is through the incentive of endowed chairs.