Athletic Support

Providing exceptional opportunities for students to participate as part of a team is important to the overall development of the students at UVA Wise. Whether students are part of the band, participate on a highly competitive cheerleading squad, participate in intramurals or compete in intercollegiate sports, we aspire to offer first-class facilities in which to practice and compete and to fund scholarships so disadvantaged students are afforded the ability to hone their skills and learn to be successful in a collaborative environment.

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Highland Cavaliers represent the College well on the courts, fields, and in the classroom. Because UVA Wise is committed to supporting the overall development of the student-athlete, academics is a top priority and scholarships play a critical role.

“We are very proud of our ability to educate students and allow them to graduate with the least debt of any public liberal arts college, this includes our student-athletes. Private support of UVA Wise athletes makes all of this possible.” – UVA Wise athletic director Kendall Rainey.

As UVA Wise continues to grow as a member of NCAA Division II, the support of our alumni, friends, fans and donors is more important than ever. UVA Wise fully supports the NCAA Division II “Life in the Balance” platform, which emphasizes academics, community involvement and engagement, as well as athletic participation. Our student-athletes are leaders on and off the court and field, and in the community, and your support makes all this possible.

The Commonwealth of Virginia does not allow public funds to support the operations of athletics. Therefore, private support is critically important. Our number one priority is to provide scholarship support for student-athletes. Your support makes it possible for student-athletes to pursue a college education where many may not have the opportunity to do so otherwise.

New Athletic Facility

The College is currently woefully short on space to house many coaches, trainers and support staff. When fully realized, a new athletic facility will be built near the existing Carl Smith Stadium and will house lacrosse, football, athletic directors and staff, trainers, laundry, collaborative study spaces, fitness equipment and locker rooms for football and lacrosse.

Synthetic Turf Field for Baseball Field and Softball Field

Challenging weather conditions in Wise in late winter and early spring make hosting baseball and softball games difficult. With both baseball and softball seasons starting in late February, home games are often postponed or cancelled due to wintery and wet weather that extends well into the season. Scheduling outdoor practices is also problematic because of unpredictable weather, which are often moved to the cramped confines of Greear Gymnasium, where the team must compete for time with other sports, classes and official student activities. With the current dirt and grass field, the Highland Cavalier baseball and softball teams will be challenged to match the same amount of quality outdoor practice time afforded other teams in the South Atlantic Conference, which are located in states further south. Installing artificial turf will help level the playing field, providing ample field time for our athletes, even in less than ideal weather conditions.

Approximate cost per field:

Softball field – $750,000

Baseball field – $1.5 million

Aspirational goal for all Athletic Support: $30,000,000


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