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When are courses offered?

We offer a full schedule of courses in Fall and Spring semesters. The course lists are posted in the CTE Information section of this webpage.   The semesters are 12 weeks typically beginning in September in Fall and in February for Spring.  During the summer,we offer an abbreviated selection of courses.  We have two summer sessions that run for 6 weeks each: Summer 1 has licensure classes only and Summer 2 has both licensure and recertification classes.

How do I register for a CTE course?

The course registration process is an online process that only takes a few minutes.  Since our courses are not part of a degree-seeking program, there is no need to complete a full admissions packet or send transcripts.  You can find the online registration link on any of the spring, summer, or fall course listing webpages.

How do I pay for my course(s)?

Tuition charges are posted within a few days of registering and must be paid prior to the starting day of the course.  Tuition can be paid by either mailing a check payable to UVA-WISE ,Attention Cashier’s Office, 1 College Avenue, Wise, VA 24293 ~ OR ~ by calling the Cashier’s Office at (276) 328-0107 or 0108 and paying with a debit/credit card.  If you have indicated that your school division is paying your tuition, please ensure they are aware of the incoming invoice.

How do I drop a course?

Your (digital) signature on the registration form serves as a contract between you and the college that contains financial obligations. If situations arise in which you wish to drop any course, it may be done by clicking the “course drop form” on the left of the CTE homepage.   At that point, refund of tuition will be made in accordance with the UVa‐Wise refund policy. According to your drop date, some tuition charges may still be due.  Please reference this site to ensure your account balance is settled.

Is my CTE course online?

Nearly all CTE courses are online using the Moodle course management system.  Unless specifically stated your course will be online.

How is my CTE course structured?

CTE courses are in a modified asynchronous format.   This basically means you will log in each week to work through media, text, and project resources at the time that suits your schedule best.   Some instructors will offer webinars or conference calling options for students to additionally interact.  Please consult your course syllabus for specific details.

What do I do if I forget my password?

The college offers students the opportunity to reset their password 24/7 through the online SMOP (Self Maintenance of Password) website.  A SMOP link is accessible on the CTE homepage on the lower left of the page.  This is where you will originally establish your password – AND, where you will come to reset your password if you have forgotten it or tried the wrong password too many times (3) and become locked out of the course site or email.  Based upon successfully answering the 3 security questions used to initially set up your password, you will be permitted to reset or change your password. For more information please visit CTE Technical-Support .

How do I get my grades/transcripts?

Our college semesters typically end by the second week of May (spring), the second week of August (Summer), and the second week of December (fall). Grades will be officially posted shortly after that time. Paper copies of grades are no longer standardly mailed out but can be accessed along with unofficial transcripts via the web through the student information portal MY UVAWISE. Here are directions to get the following:

GRADES – Go to MY UVAWISE log in at the top left; select the brown “student” tab; select “grade report” on left; choose appropriate semester; then click “view final grade report”.  If your grade report is showing WIP, this indicates that the course is still “work in progress” and the official grades have not be posted by the Registrar as of yet.

UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS – Unofficial transcripts can be printed off during the semester you are enrolled in a course and for a few weeks after the semester ends (print them at the end of each semester for your records).  There is no charge for unofficial transcripts, and it is up to your employing school division as to whether they will accept unofficial in lieu of official transcripts.   To obtain an unofficial transcript, go to MY UVAWISE log in at the top left; select the brown “student” tab; select “reports and billing” on the left; then select “unofficial transcript” under the reports and billing section on left. If your unofficial transcript is showing WIP, this indicates that the course is still “work in progress” and the official grades have not been posted by the Registrar as of yet.  PLEASE NOTE:  You can only access this portal if you currently have an active campus user ID and password – you would use the same information to login to the MY UVA-WISE portal that you have been using for Moodle or campus email.

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS – Typically, school divisions and the DOE will require an official transcript in dealing with Virginia licensure.  If you are in need of an official transcript (minimal fees apply), you can order them online at the Registrar’s Website. You may go ahead and order an official transcript any time prior to the end of the course. Be sure to indicate “wait until close of current semester” so your pending/current class will show on the transcript.   If you are not currently up for renewal, I encourage you to wait until closer to your renewal year to order official transcripts because there is a minimal fee involved – and it could be that you take another course through our department prior to your renewal.