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Looking for that perfect bite-size professional learning opportunity? Earn 5 hours of professional development points/credits by participating in one of the UVAWise Center for Teaching Excellence Pop PD online workshops! Sharpen your skills anytime, anywhere!

Pop PD Workshops offer:

  • Just in time learning!
  • Enroll anytime and you have up to 32 days to complete your workshop at your pace!
  • 5 hours of professional development at your own pace!
  • An ever-expanding list of topics!
  • Starting at only $39!  Certificate of participation provided upon completion.

Current and Upcoming Workshops


Workshop Title Description Cost INSTRUCTOR Enrollment Begins
All Rivers Lead to the Ocean–Intro into Gifted Education This will be a look into the basics of gifted learners and gifted education. $39  Sarah Medukas NOW ENROLLING
Assessment Made Easy: Integrating Online Assessments into Your Curriculum Why should teachers even consider integrating online assessments into the curriculum? They are a great way to make learning fun and engaging. Instead of calling on a few students during review, every student is responsible for reviewing, practicing, and learning the information. $39  Deandra Jones NOW ENROLLING
Building Better Coaching Relationships This workshop will guide instructional coaches through five modules that explore the intricacies of the coaching relationship and ways to make the process of coaching teachers more effective and beneficial $39  Heather Askea NOW ENROLLING
Creating a School Culture That Promotes Student Growth and Achievement An uplifting and energetic school culture has been shown to have a significant effect on student growth and achievement.  In this professional development, participants will explore four components that act as pieces of a puzzle to form a school culture that focuses on student success.  These pieces (Relationships, Passion, Rigor, and Communication) are the most essential elements of a professional learning community.  The series has entertaining and thought-provoking videos that promote self-reflection.  Enroll today and promote positive change for both yourself and school. $39  Rick Bolling NOW ENROLLING
Five Apps that Make Google Classroom EVEN Better!  This workshop will guide teachers through five modules that explore the five apps/extensions that work beautifully with Google Classroom to enhance teaching and learning. $39  Heather Askea Coming Soon
Gamifying Instruction with Google This workshop consists of (5) one-hour modules designed to enhance classroom instruction with the implementation of Gamification strategies, and Google apps to increase motivation, engagement, and participation. $39  Christi Collins Coming Soon
Grammar Galore All educators need to know and understand some basic rules of grammar. This class is designed to help any educator improve grammar skills in their classrooms and in their daily lives. $39  Fay Garrison NOW ENROLLING
Grammar Galore Part TWO All educators need to know and understand some basic rules of grammar. This class is the second installment of Grammar Galore and is designed to help any educator improve grammar skills in their classrooms and in their daily lives. $39  Fay Garrison NOW ENROLLING
How to Train the Time-Crunched Teacher Professional development in a school setting can be tricky. Teachers have many responsibilities and duties already, so finding time for training and methodology improvement can be nearly impossible for educators who are already stretched thin. Although difficult, creating opportunities for teachers to hone their skills isn’t impossible and if done correctly can be very successful. Join me as we look at some of the methods and techniques for successfully training and preparing teachers to use 21st-century technologies and teaching strategies that enhance instruction and promote student achievement without overwhelming the Time-Crunched Teacher. $39 Daniel Vanover NOW ENROLLING
Oh the Games You Can Play to Learn Vocabulary Vocabulary development is the backbone of learning and understanding of any subject. Want to learn fun ideas that will enhance your vocabulary instruction? If so, this is the workshop for you! $39  Angela Turley NOW ENROLLING
Power Over Poverty This workshop addresses how to recognize and help students who are living in poverty. $39  Fay Garrison NOW ENROLLING
QR Codes
in the Classroom
This workshop will guide educators through five modules designed to enhance your knowledge and implementation of QR codes in the classroom. $39  Heather Askea NOW ENROLLING
The Significance of Place: An Intro to Place-based Learning Struggling with making lasting, real-world connections to your lesson activities? Place-based Learning could be the perfect approach to get your students applying their skills and knowledge. Find out what it is and how you can use it in your classroom! $39  Heather Askea NOW ENROLLING
Understanding Conflict The conflict process can be broken down into 5 distinct phases. Understanding the characteristics and functions of each phase can equip individuals with skills to deal more effectively with conflict situations at work, at home, and in the community. $39 James Garrison NOW ENROLLING
Using Graphic Organizers and Anchor Charts in Science Graphic Organizers and Anchor Chart help students to visually make connections to what they are learning. So grab some paper, markers, scissors, and glue to begin creating fun learning activities. $39 Angela Turley NOW ENROLLING
Using the SAMR Model to Infuse Technology Into Instruction This workshop will guide educators through five modules designed to enhance classroom instruction through the implementation of the SAMR Model. Through exploration of this model and the technology tools associated with it, educators will gain the knowledge to create tech-rich student activities that promote higher-order thinking skills. $39 Brad Bielawski NOW ENROLLING
Statistical Charts Using Excel Learning to create charts using Excel will help you appeal to visual learners in your own classes. By using Excel, you can create charts that are easy to read and understand. You will learn 4 different statistical charts and how to create each using real-life data sets. $39 Ann-Delyse Hopkins NOW ENROLLING
Workplace Readiness Skills

The Workplace Readiness Skills were updated and launched in classrooms throughout the Commonwealth in the Fall, 2019.  The new skills are incorporated into every Career and Technical Education course within the state as they have been since 1998.  This update marks the third major overhaul to the WRS and is grounded in literature research and employer/educator surveys.  This workshop will explore ways to apply them in your classroom.

$39  Deandra Jones NOW ENROLLING


For more information please contact:

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