User ID and Passwords

User ID and Password Information

  • Note: Your application username will NOT be the same as your UVA-WISE course access ID.   Your UVAWISE Computing ID/username will be emailed to the preferred email address.
  • Prior to the start date of class, you will receive an email providing your User ID and directions on establishing a password.
  • If you haven’t received it on the 1st day of class, please contact the CTE at or toll-free at (866) 212-8704 to resolve the situation.  If you have not received your User ID email by the first day of class, do not be alarmed. Instructors are aware of the delay in receiving login information and are accustom to people signing in throughout the first week of class.


Your user ID and password will be used to access all campus portals that you will be using this semester which are the following:


MOODLE is the course site and can be accessed from the bottom left of our homepage.  Once at the Moodle homepage, you will log in at the top left – the page will not change but you will notice that you are logged as your name will appear at the top left. Your course should appear on the left under “my courses” on the first day of class.  PLEASE NOTE – Courses will not appear in your “my courses” section until they have been opened by the instructor which will not occur until the 1st day of class.  You will not be able to get into the course prior to that date unless the instructor happens to open it early.


Web EMAILALL correspondence from your instructor and dealing with your online course will be through your newly appointed college email that can be accessed via the college webmail site.  You can access this site via a link on the bottom left of our CTE homepage.

Campus emails are all in the same format:
“USER ID”     For example – a user ID is abc8a so their email is
To access your email, you will use the same User ID and password as Moodle.  PLEASE CHECK THIS EMAIL REGULARLY as this is your main form of course information and avenue to contact your instructor.


MY UVA-WISE STUDENT INFORMATION PORTAL is additionally accessible on the bottom left  of our CTE homepage. The student information portal gives you access to student records such as grades, unofficial transcripts, schedule, bill, etc. and uses the same User ID and password as Moodle.


SMOP is also accessible from the Resources for Student links or from the Password Management on the bottom left of the CTE homepage.  SMOP stands for Self Management of Password.  You will be enrolling at this site when you set up your password – HOWEVER, please be aware that this site will allow you to reset your password 24/7 if you have forgotten it or tried the wrong password too many times (3) and become locked out of email or the course site.