Brooke Mullins


Math Intervention Coordinator

Professional Experience

Academic Support/Math Intervention Coordinator (2021–present)
The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, Wise, Virginia
Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (2020–2021)
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky
High School Teacher (2013–2016)
Eastern Montgomery High School, Elliston, VA, Mathematics
High School Teacher (2011–2013)
Union High School, Big Stone Gap, VA, Mathematics

Selected Awards and Honors

Received Eastern Kentucky University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Critical Reading Teaching Award (Spring 2021)

Selected Recent Presentations

Mullins, S. B. (2022). Examining the effects of a math intervention program designed for entry level undergraduate mathematics courses. Presentation at the 24th Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Boston, MA.
Mullins, S. B., & Wilkins, J. L. M. (2021). A conceptual framework for understanding students’ quantification of angularity. Presentation at the 2021 Virtual American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting.
Serbin, K., Mullins, S. B., Kelley, M. A., & Johnson, E. (2021). Social norms conducive to women’s learning in inquiry-oriented abstract algebra. Presentation at the 42nd annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Mazatlán, Mexico.
LaCroix, T., Ulrich, C., & Mullins, S. B. (2019). Analyzing how the 5 practices are learned. Presentation at the annual Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Conference, Orlando, FL.
Mullins, S. B. (2020). Place-based mathematics education in rural Appalachia. Presentation at the annual conference of the Appalachian Studies Association, Lexington, KY.
Mullins, S. B. (2019). High school number talks. Presentation at the Virginia Tech Summer STEM Academy, Abingdon, VA.

Selected Publications

Mullins, S. B. (under review). A conceptual framework for understanding students’ quantification of angularity. Educational Studies in Mathematics.
Chowdhury, A., Mullins, S. B., & Johnson, E. (2021). Context matters: Understanding the relationship between instructor’s beliefs and the amount of time spent lecturing. International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. Online publication.https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdoi.org%2F10.1007%2Fs40753-021-00158-5&token=ScWMkoXNzlT4GC1OoVYQ9VovRv2Q0xyMoulzexTxiOE%3D
Mullins, R. & Mullins, S. B. (2021). Everybody lives near Appalachia: Examining Hillbilly Elegy’s impact on American society. Theory and Practice in Rural Education, 11(2), 113–117. https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdoi.org%2F10.3776%2Ftpre.2021.v11n2p113-117&token=BgnXxwD%2By58umSbJDGxa8OV3%2BMGnrlUEYlgDf8%2FsW5I%3D
Wilkins, J. L. M., Bowen, B. D., & Mullins, S. B. (2021). First mathematics course and graduating in engineering: Dispelling the myth that beginning in higher mathematics courses is always a good thing. Journal of Engineering Education, 110(3), 616–635.https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdoi.org%2F10.1002%2Fjee.20411&token=UffGIVOBY68spwiSRE1eNbh%2FX35vFF8o4H4aNmzt1sE%3D
Miller, J., Mullins, S. B., & Mullins, R. (2021). Gendered experiences in the mathematics field: Reflections of women math educators in central Appalachia. AERA Spring 2021 Rural Education SIG Newsletter. https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmailchi.mp%2F601754d80ad2%2Ffall-2020-rural-education-sig-newsletter-4618258%3Fe%3Dc49a9bb4fc&token=LnS1ZFmZfTS%2FIDYUGdmk26Z9kLfPDG1AdY2ciGtvpSw%3D
Zwanch, K., Mullins, S. B., Fortune, N., & Keene, K. (2021). Situating students’ achievement and perceptions of inquiry-oriented instruction within their motivational beliefs: A mixed methods study. Investigations in Mathematics Learning, 13(2) 141–151.https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdoi.org%2F10.1080%2F19477503.2021.1884446&token=i8DhzmRFHcJzmZ8C2BvR0a2Goi5%2FPmmnamfdAWVQL%2Fc%3D
Mullins, S. B. (2020). Angling for the right result: Students' conceptualizations of angles. Journal of Research in Education, 29(1), 1–47. https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eeraorganization.org%2Fjre-winter-2020&token=RjWWOR%2F2esm32qSnaLVNiM08%2BEESIm%2FAEtlof5CPEJg%3D
Mullins, S. B., Jones, B. D., & LaCroix, T. (2020). Designing for and assessing students' motivation in mathematics classes. Illinois Mathematics Teacher, 65(1), 1–7. https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fjournal.ictm.org%2Findex.php%2Fimt%2Farticle%2Fview%2F133&token=uzV5qGAX4On8svsG4MkFbUHw44vBhmfz4Ckf7LY9GyY%3D
Mullins, S. B. (2018). Establishing a community of discourse through social norms. Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education, 9(1), 5–17. https://proxy.qualtrics.com/proxy/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdoi.org%2F10.2478%2Fdcse-2018-0001&token=rvVUgB110UXjZjg6EvKtkVdhXBx8ndWCfo1Fiv8JXsU%3D


Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics Education, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 2020
Ed.S., Curriculum and Instruction, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, 2015
M.Ed., K–8 Mathematics Specialist, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, 2014
B.S., Mathematics, University of Virginia’s College at Wise, Wise, VA, 2011
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