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Do you have a road map for the rest of your life? The office of Career Discovery and Planning can help you navigate.

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Has it been a while since you graduated?  Workplace rules have changed. Whether you’re coming out of retirement, changing jobs, or developing a career advancement strategy, we’re here to assist you.

Are you thinking about a career change? Look before you leap!

The first thing you should do is contemplate why you want to change careers. Maybe you don’t like the direction the company is taking. Maybe you are burned out by your daily tasks. Consider having a heart-to-heart discussion with your employer to see if there are changes that can be made to help you regain a sense of satisfaction with your career. If there aren’t, consider switching companies. If that’s not the solution, then you might want to think about changing careers altogether.

So you’ve decided to switch careers. Now what? While some might suggest that you follow your passion and do what you’ve always dreamed of doing, don’t discount the experience you’ve gained all these years. Put it to work. Determine what transferable skills you have, such as communication or leadership. You might find that you’re pretty well equipped to work in a variety of fields. On the other hand, you might discover that you need a little something extra, such as a certification or license.

Spend time researching different careers. This isn’t the time to rush. Contact the office of Professional and Career Development to discuss career options, learn about salaries, and formulate an action plan.

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