Student Careers


Through the office of Career Discovery and Planning, you can accomplish the following: 

  • Learn how to choose a major
  • Explore careers
  • Research graduate and professional schools
  • Discover internship opportunities
  • Learn how to dress for a business setting
  • Identify proper office etiquette, dining etiquette, and email etiquette
  • Create cover letters and resumes
  • Practice job and graduate school interviews
  • Learn about job openings

Student Application to apply for paid internships through WiseWorks internship program.

“WiseWorks and Mapcom have provided me with an excellent learning experience that has broadened my skill set. The WiseWorks internship program is a great way to gain work experience and ‘get your foot in the door’ that could lead to job offers after graduation” Christopher Parks, Mapcom intern

The director is certified to administer the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment. The Strong Inventory is one of the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. This tool is particularly useful for the student who is trying to decide on a major or for the student who is exploring careers. The assessment is free and it’s a two-part process: meet with director and take the assessment, then meet again at a later date to review the results of the assessment.

Why is career planning and professional development important? Graduate schools and employers want to see applicants who have experience outside the classroom that complements their academic achievements. Extracurricular activities, experiential learning, part-time or summer jobs, and overall career planning make them more competitive candidates.

Unfortunately, some students don’t gain these experiences early enough, if at all. They find themselves at a disadvantage when they apply for jobs or seek higher education. Please invest in your professional development sooner rather than later. It’s never too early to prepare for success.

Check out these career planning tools:

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