Greek Life Chapter Status

Greek Life Chapter Status

The information provided is in the spirit of transparency and accountability. Fraternities and Sororities at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise are self-governed, and, therefore, responsible for their choices and actions. Disciplinary infractions are reported on this website only if a student organization is found responsible following appropriate due process procedures by the College.


Current chapter and conduct status as of March 21, 2019:
Suspended/Dismissed/Charter Revoked

Theta Phi Alpha – Charter Revoked on March 20, 2019
Pi Lambda Phi – Charter Revoked on January 17, 2019

Status Definitions:

Colony: The student organization is currently working toward receiving their charter from a national organization. The organization is allowed to recruit new members, conduct business and membership meetings, hold new member education events, and host events/fundraisers without alcohol.

Not In Good Standing: The status of being under any active conduct sanction. This includes conduct probation, deferred suspension, and suspension.

Suspension: Student organizations may have their status as a student organization suspended on a temporary or permanent basis. A student organization whose status is suspended is no longer eligible to receive benefits normally afforded to student organizations including, but not limited to, the ability to utilize College facilities or funds to support any activities related to the student organization. A suspended student organization must comply with any conditions imposed as well as any reactivation or recognition privileges in effect at the time the suspension is set to expire.

Dismissed: Conduct dismissal is the permanent separation of a student or student organization from the College.

Charter Revocation: National organization revokes charter and removes chapter from institution dissolving the relationship with the College.

Interim Suspension: The action that is taken by the College often during an investigation that requires the student organization stop all operations. While on Interim Suspension the student group may not hold any events, this includes but is not limited to meetings, social events, events (on or off campus).

Cease and Desist: The action taken by a national organization often during an investigation that requires the student organization stop all operations.

Name Type Status
Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority (AST) National Panhellenic Conference; PHC Good
Kappa Sigma Fraternity (KE) Non-NIC, IFC Re-Colonizing
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (PMA) Non-NIC, IFC Good
Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority (PSS) National Panhellenic Conference, PHC Good
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity (PKP) North-American Interfraternity Conference, IFC Good
Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity (PLP) North-American Interfraternity Conference, IFC Chapter Closed – Jan. 2019
Sigma Alpha Omega Sorority (SAO) Non-Panhellenic, PHC Good
Theta Phi Alpha Sorority (TPA) National Panhellenic Conference, PHC Chapter Closed – March 2019

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