Funding Requests

Funding Requests

The UVa-Wise Student Government Association allocates funds in support of UVa-Wise club, organization and department endeavors.

Requests can be made for supplies, startup, special events, trips/conferences, and for other activities, as well as simply for a loan that will be paid back.  Typically, the SGA will provide partial funding for an activity, event, program, conference; rarely is full funding provided.  All requests for funding must follow allocation procedures.  All expenditures of allocated funds must follow College purchasing guidelines; cash is not distributed.  For more information, contact the SGA Treasurer or Advisor.

The online Allocations Request Form is the first step in the request process.  Following each request submitted via the online form, there is an organizational presentation at a weekly SGA meeting, consideration by the SGA for one week, a subsequent vote by the SGA at the next weekly meeting, and finally approved allocations are dispensed the following week according to College accounting procedures.  NOTE:  The overall process can take up to 3 weeks, so please consider this when making your request.

Here are the required steps for requesting SGA funding:

    Complete the online Allocation Request Form. This form must be completed by noon on the Wednesday before the Friday SGA Meeting at which your organization wishes to present.  Upon receipt of your online form, you will receive a confirmation email from the SGA Treasurer with details of your presentation date and time.
    The organization representative(s) will lead a presentation on the funding request at the designated SGA weekly meeting.  In this presentation, please outline the details of the request, including a description of the event/trip/activity, funds requested (and other funding sources), event/trip/activity total cost, how the organization will benefit from the event/trip/activity, and advertising methods.  Please bring 25 copiesof your advertising flyer and any other handouts to the meeting.  NOTE:  Any event receiving SGA funds must include “Co-sponsored by the UVa-Wise SGA” on all publicity.
    Following the presentation at the SGA Meeting, the request will be tabled for one (1) week to allow time for the SGA to give full consideration to the request and all information provided in the presentation and any flyers/handouts.
  4. VOTE
    At the next SGA Meeting following the presentation, there will be a vote on the request.  If the request is approved, representatives will meet with the SGA Treasurer immediately following the meeting to receive details on disbursement of the allocated funds.  If the request is not approved, follow any suggestions for future consideration, or see the SGA President immediately following the meeting for additional information.
    Following College guidelines, disbursements will be made the following week after appropriate notifications by the SGA Treasurer of the approved allocations.  Checks are typically disbursed each Thursday.
    Each club, organization or department is required to complete a “Give Back” within one (1) month of the event/activity/trip for which SGA funds were allocated.  The “Give Back” outlines what the organization has learned or experienced and how it will share or impact the larger UVa-Wise campus community.  Examples include: a newspaper article (school or community), a session/program for other students, an art or photo display, or any other method that shares the experience with the UVa-Wise community.  NOTE:  If “Give Back” is not completed, the organization may be ineligible for future SGA funding.

For more information about requests for SGA funding, please contact the SGA Treasurer or Advisor.