Request to Seek Office


 As student leaders, members of the Student Government Association are expected to represent the student body to the best of their ability.  They are expected to maintain good academic, conduct, and social standing with the College during their time of service.  They are expected to support all activities of the SGA, attend and assist with all SGA-sponsored events and opportunities, and to promote UVA Wise both on- and off-campus through participation in outside events and activities.

Students wishing to run for a Senate position, should submit this form. Eligibility to run for office will be confirmed by the SGA advisor and confirmation sent to the student’s UVA Wise email address. No campaign materials can be placed around campus or online until you are approved to do so. SGA meets every Wednesday at 5pm in Cantrell Banquet Hall. Attendance at meetings is expected.

Petition requests must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday, September 2.

SGA elections will be conducted virtually through the myUVAWise portal from 9am on Monday, September 14 through 9am on Thursday, September 17.

To be eligible for an SGA position, a student must:

  • be a full-time at UVA Wise with a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • be in good standing with the College and have no Honor Court or Conduct violations
  • have been enrolled for two full semesters at UVA Wise (doesn’t apply to candidates for freshmen senator)
  • must meet the credit hour requirement for the class level they are seeking

Senator-at-Large (3 positions)—no credit hour requirement
Senior Senator (4 positions)—requires 90+ credit hours
Junior Senator (4 positions)—requires 60-89 credit hours
Sophomore Senator (4 positions)—requires 30-59 credit hours
Freshman Senator (4 positions)—new first time students or 0-29 credit hours

Candidate Information