Move-In Day

Move-In Day

UVA Wise will implement a phased move in, by appointment, starting Wednesday, August 5 and continuing through Monday, August 11. Detailed information about Move-In will be sent via UVA Wise email to residents by mid-July. During the scheduled move-in time block, you will be allowed to bring two guests to assist you with move in.


In order to provide a smooth move-in experience for all students, students and their families should follow the directions of Campus Police when arriving on campus for Move-In Day. Students and families should unload belongings and then move vehicles to appropriate parking areas at Greear Gymnasium for visitor vehicles and to the appropriate designated parking area for student vehicles. For more information, please review the Parking Rules & Regulations found online.

What Should I Bring?

Guide to Campus Living 2020-21 (TO BE POSTED BY JUNE 2020)

Students should review the 2020-21 Guide to Campus Living as well as the Housing Agreement for a full listing of housing policies and procedures, as well as approved and prohibited items.

The 2020-21 Guide to Campus Living is a residence life handbook that includes important housing policies, procedures, and general information. This guide is a supplement to the binding housing agreement, which a student signs and agrees to when applying for campus housing.

The following are some often overlooked basic necessities, as well as optional items, that you should consider as you prepare for living in campus housing. Be sure to check with your roommate(s) to avoid duplication of some items. Things to consider include:

Raincoat/umbrella          Jacket/sweater          Clothes hangers          Toiletries          Season-appropriate clothing          Sheets (twin-long)
Blanket(s) & pillow          Alarm Clock          Cleaning supplies          Refrigerator          Small Fan          Telephone/answering machine
Storage containers          Television          Computer          Microwave

The following appliance items are allowed in each residence hall room. Please note specifications for some items. Should you have questions about items not listed, please consult the Prohibited Items section (in the Housing Agreement or in this brochure) or contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life.

Coffee Pot          Iron          Ceramic Heater           Lamp          Floor Fan          Radio
Vacuum Cleaner          Stereo          Electric Razor          Clock          Television          Crockpot
Hair Dryer          Toasters          Refrigerator*          Small Microwave*          Popcorn Popper without open coils
Power strip with reset button (no extension cords)

*Refrigerators may not exceed four (4) cubic feet, and microwaves may not exceed 800 watts. All microwaves and refrigerators must be plugged into power strips with both surge protection and reset buttons.


The College reserves the right to prohibit certain possessions in campus housing facilities. The following items are prohibited. Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of the Dean of Students & Chief Housing Officer.

Candles/incense          Gas/charcoal/George Foreman grills          Pets other than fish          Sandwich/quesadilla/similar grills
Exterior radio aerials          Toaster ovens          Wireless routers          ‘Octopus’ plugs or any plug containing multiple outlets
Halogen/lava/black lamps          Extension cords (only power strips with reset buttons are acceptable)          Heaters with open coils          Hot plates
Kegs of beer, empty alcohol bottles/cans or other alcohol paraphernalia          Holiday lights          Nerf/Water guns
Window air conditioners and other fans/units that install into window                Windowless air conditioner units             Bed risers/blocks            Hoverboards      Illegal drugs/narcotics including any drug-related apparatus (bongs, water pipes, roach clips, etc.)          Bikes not permitted inside
Weaponry, including hunting bows/rifles*          Fireworks/Combustibles*

* FIREARMS & WEAPONS The possession, storage, or use of any kind of weapons including but not limited to: firearms, air rifles or air pistols, BB guns, brass knuckles, ammunition, firecrackers or fireworks, nunchakus, gasoline, explosives or other combustible materials, and knives with a blade longer than four inches, other than ones used as kitchen tools is prohibited. Please consult the Campus Police Department for additional information.

* FIREWORKS & COMBUSTIBLES The possession, storage or use of fireworks and/or combustibles including but not limited to any kind of ammunition, firecrackers or fireworks, gasoline, or any other explosives or combustible materials are not permitted.

Dining And Lodging

Area Dining

Asia Cafe     276-679-1502
Applebee’s     276-679-5790
China Garden     276-679-5201
The Diner     276-321-7600
El Dorado (Mexican) 276-533-3175
Fishtales     276-679-1651
Huddle House     276-679-6526
Mi Finca (Mexican)     276-679-3330
Monterrey’s (Mexican)     276-679-5850
Moon Dog Brick Oven of Wise     276-321-7452
Prime Sirloin     276-679-0673
Reno’s     276-328-2924
Roma’s (Italian)     276-328-3714
Romano’s (Italian)     276-679-1889
Wood Booger Grill  276-325-0551
Yamato’s (Japanese)     276-679-0441

Area Lodging

Best Western of Wise     276-328-3500
Quality Inn    276-523-5911
Days Inn     276-679-5340
Econo Lodge    276-679-7000
Super 8 Motel     276-679-0893
The Inn at Wise 276-321-7600

Experience Southwest Virginia

Expand your Move-In Day experience while exploring all that Southwest Virginia has to offer! Visit,, and for information about local activities, calendars of events, and trip ideas!