Faculty and Staff Giving

Faculty and Staff Giving

The strength of the College lies within the commitment and generosity of those whose time and talents help define its programs and services. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to make financial investments in programs, departments, or other areas of the College that matter most to them.

Faculty and staff members may make a gift now or sign up for automatic payroll deduction by completing the printable payroll deduction form.

2019 – 2020 Faculty & Staff Donors

Mr. David B. Amos
Ms. Lavonne Baker
Ms. G. Rosa Bott
Mrs. Elizabeth Garcia Boyd
Ms. Neva J. Bryan
Mr. Robert Jeffery Cantrell
Mrs. Sarah Smith Carlson
Mrs. Karen Carter
Mrs. Gina Chisenhall
Mr. Mark W. Clark
Mrs. Kasi E. Clifton
Ms. Rachel B. Cole
Ms. Courtney L. Conner-Stringer
Mr. Thomas M. Costa
Mr. Jonathan M. Crimmins
Mr. Christopher D. Davis
Mrs, Tonya Marie Deel
Mr. Danny L. Dixon
Mr. Clifford A. Edwards
Mr. Darrell-Dingus Ely
Mr. Simeon E. Ewing
Mrs. Crystal B. Fleming
Mrs. Kathy Fleming
Mr. Randall L. Gabbert
Mr. Rick D. Galyean
Ms. Betsy Grossman
Mrs. Crystal Hamm
Mrs. Donna Gail Hale
Mrs. Amelia J. Harris
Mrs. Donna P. Henry
Ms. Gillian Huang-Tiller
Mr. Joshua V. Justice
Mr. Paul Kilgore
Mrs. Valerie S. Lawson
Mrs. Mikaela R. Logan
Mr. Nick Marshall
Mrs. Malissa D. McConnell
Mr. Brian D. McKnight
Mrs. Pamela J. McKnight
Mr. Michael R. McNulty
Mrs. Sheila Rhea McNulty
Mrs. Holly P. Meade
Mr. Blakley A. Mellinger
Ms. Linda G. Miller
Ms. Susan Mullins
Mrs. Cynthia Johnson Newlon
Mr. Don Newlon
Mr. Michael E. O’Donnell
Mrs. Jennifer L. Partin
Ms. Kristin Pottenger
Ms. Laura D. Pritchard
Ms. Kendall Rainey
Mr. Nathan D. Rasnake
Mr. Danny R. Rowland
Mrs. Hannah Wunsch Ryan
Mr. Peter D. Ryan
Ms. Kristen H. Salyer
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Samerdyke
Mr. Corey Sanchez
Mr. Donald E. Sharitt
Mrs. Deby Sloce
Mrs. Tabitha Hackney Smith
Mr. Walter H. Smith
Ms. Kathy Thacker Stewart
Mrs. Kathy L. Still
Mr. Kenneth J. Tiller
Mrs. Margie A. Tucker
Ms. Jinny Alice Turman
Mrs. Christina L. Turnbill
Mrs. Adriana Undreiu
Mr. Lucian Undreiu
Mrs. Amelia C. VanGundy
Mr. Robert D. VanGundy
Ms. Debbie Vanover
Mr. Bill D. Wendle
Mrs. Debra A. Wharton
Mr. Matthew J. Williams
Mr. Witold P. Wolny
Mrs. Jewell B. Worley


Updated March 30, 2020

2018 -2019 UVa-Wise Faculty and Staff Giving

2017 -2018 UVa-Wise Faculty and Staff Giving


For more information, please call 276.376.4523, email vas7k@uvawise.edu, or stop by Bowers-Sturgill Hall to speak with a staff member.