Supporting UVa-Wise Football

Football provides a great opportunity for student-athletes to learn life lessons and values that are very important to their educational experience. Because football encompasses a large number of participants, students who participate have a unique opportunity to co-exist and cooperate in a setting of diversity and a greater number impact the student-body. Balancing obligations of football with academics can be very challenging; yet, our student-athletes understand the importance of a quality education from UVa-Wise. Through long hours of training, practice, and studying on their own they develop self-discipline and independence.

Participating students also learn the value of being a part of a team which is essential to their development as students and as men. Every year, our players willingly participate in various community service projects and are dedicated to representing our community and university in a positive light. Teamwork, self-discipline, physical training, education, and community service are all responsibilities taken on by a college football player. These responsibilities are essential ingredients in the development of well-rounded young men while at UVa-Wise and build a solid foundation for a life of success.

Make a Gift

Contributions have an important impact on our Football team by providing:

  • scholarships which help recruit the highest-caliber student-athletes to represent UVa-Wise and compete at the NCAA Division II level. Additionally, scholarships also enable young men who may not otherwise be able to attend college an opportunity to experience UVa-Wise and earn a valuable college education.
  • support for recruiting efforts which allows coaching staff to expand recruiting areas (travel, phone use, mailings, etc.) and additional funds support official on-campus visits by potential recruits
  • travel Costs including reliable transportation, meals, official team apparel, and lodging
  • weight Room maintenance which is critical in providing players with safe, up-to-date equipment and machines as well as regular service equipment to maintain safety
  • critical technology assisting in the upgrading of cameras, computers, video equipment, and editing systems

“On behalf of the Highland Cavalier Football Team, I would like to thank you for your support. Without your generous gifts, it will be hard to get our program to the top of the Mountain East Conference. Our Mission is to use UVa-Wise football to develop leaders who will graduate with the necessary tools to succeed in life. Our Goal is to build a fast, strong, tough, disciplined team that is relentless in its pursuit of The Mountain East Conference Championship. Your contributions are vital to our Goal but more importantly to our Mission.”

-Coach Dane Damron


Respect • Honor • Integrity


Gifts may be made to the football team by:

  • Check – make a check payable to UVa-Wise Foundation, indicate that it is for football, and mail to:
    UVa-Wise Foundation, 1 College Avenue, Wise, VA  24293
  • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
  • Bank Draft – electronic funds transfer (Bank Draft form)
  • Online (by clicking Make a Gift above) – this link will take you to the University’s website and you will simply indicate the amount that you want to contribute to UVa’s College at Wise Foundation (under the school funds category) and in “Other” indicate the name of the individual sport (golf, volleyball, cross country, etc.) or restrict it to general athletics. Once you have done this, simply provide the remaining requested information.