Supporting UVa-Wise Women’s Tennis
& Men’s Tennis

Tennis is a very unique sport providing players an opportunity to hone their athletic skills while developing endurance and independence. One of the few sports where players compete without the luxury of a time-out to confer with a coach, tennis requires the ability to persevere through challenging matches. In addition, players are on their honor in keeping score teaching players skills needed to self-manage while learning to work respectfully with competitors.

While winning is important, there are a multitude of core values taught including character, courage, honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. There are no substitutions during a game so players must be prepared for the duration of the match keeping anger and emotions at bay as these can negatively impact their game.

Tennis has become a very popular sport in southwest Virginia with the UVa-Wise tennis program leading the way. Throughout the tennis season the college hosts large numbers of participants and spectators during tennis camps and tournaments.  And, because tennis can be a lifelong sport, there are participants of all ages. These activities bring a high level of visibility to UVa-Wise multiplying the impact of the sport.

 Make a Gift

Contributions have an important impact on our Women’s and Men’s Tennis teams by providing:

  • providing scholarships that will help our extraordinary students to succeed. To be even more competitive, we need 3 to 5 additional scholarships per year
  • providing appropriate equipment (such as rackets, balls, nets)
  • facilities that will help the team compete at its best . “We are extremely proud of the UVa-Wise Jim and Betty Humphreys Tennis Complex and we are deeply grateful to the Humphreys for providing funding that made this facility possible,” said Coach Danny Rowland.
  • good quality uniforms, shoes, other team apparel
  • travel costs such as lodging, meals, transportation
  • funds to support to provide two assistant coaches

“Without the support of our generous benefactors, tennis would have only the bare minimum of operating expenses for supplies, uniforms and little funds for our two assistant coaches. Without the assistants, it would be impossible to coach both teams.”

-Coach Danny Rowland

Respect • Honor • Integrity


Gifts may be made to the tennis teams by:

  • Check – make a check payable to UVa-Wise Foundation, indicate that it is for men’s tennis, women’s tennis, or the tennis program, and mail to:
    UVa-Wise Foundation, 1 College Avenue, Wise, VA  24293
  • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
  • Bank Draft – electronic funds transfer (Bank Draft form)
  • Online (by clicking Make a Gift above) – this link will take you to the University’s website and you will simply indicate the amount that you want to contribute to UVa’s College at Wise Foundation (under the school funds category) and in “Other” indicate the name of the individual sport (golf, volleyball, cross country, etc.) or restrict it to general athletics. Once you have done this, simply provide the remaining requested information.