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This page has been designed primarily for an internal audience interested in seeking funding support from philanthropic foundations and corporations.

Companies and foundations can provide generous financial support to the College by funding scholarships, fellowships, faculty positions, programs, classrooms, laboratories, community service projects, sponsorships, student and alumni activities and much more.

By offering experience, contacts and context, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can assist and guide you through the proposal process in a manner that can increase the likelihood of your proposal’s success with corporations and foundations.   

Introducing a New Program for Faculty

For more information, please contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

Finding Foundation and Corporate Donors
The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations should be an early point of contact when approaching private foundations or corporations for the following reasons:

  • Most foundations and corporations place restrictions on the number of applications an institution may submit.
  • UVa-Wise works closely with the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations at the University of Virginia to coordinate the timing of funding applications.
  • Ideally, CFR will be aware of the pending and funded grants that will be jeopardized by an unsolicited proposal.
  • Many foundations and corporations have strict guidelines that must be followed in order for grants to be considered.  CFR can help customize proposals (or pre-proposals) to fit the required specifications.
  • CFR is aware of many existing relationships between College administrators and faculty and foundation/corporation staff.  CFR can work with you to maximize these connections and strengthen these relationships.

Funding requests to philanthropic corporations and foundations are managed by the Office of Corporate and Foundations or by the Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Alumni Engagement.  Before contacting CFR, you should discuss your idea with the chair or administrator of your department and secure their approval for the project.

Clearance to apply for funding from a private foundation or corporation must be requested from the UVa-Wise Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations prior to submitting a letter of inquiry or a proposal.

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Types of Corporate and Foundation Donors

  • Corporations and Businesses:  Private-sector organizations, partnerships and cooperatives that have been organized for profit-making purposes, including corporations owned by individuals and families and other closely held companies.  This donor category also includes company-sponsored foundations, that is, those foundations created by a business/corporation and funded exclusively by the company—and industry trade associations.
  •  Foundations:  Private tax-exempt entities, whether incorporated or established by trust, operated exclusively for charitable purposes.
  • Family Foundations:  Foundations that have been established and continue to operate as the conduits or the charitable donations of an individual and/or the immediate members of a family.

Related Information and Links

Individual Corporation/Foundation Websites
When available, these are generally the most reliable source for up-to date foundation giving guidelines, proposal deadlines, grant information, names and bios of staff and board members, etc.

Provides free access to form 990-PF, which provides information about a nonprofit’s total assets, giving, gifts received, revenues, expenses, and contact information.  In many cases, board members, proposal guidelines and a listing of the year’s grants can also be found here.

Foundation Center
Includes a comprehensive FAQ section, a short course on grant writing and a foundation search that yields basic contact and giving information for up to 70,000 private and community foundations, etc.

Community of Science (COS)
A comprehensive, global resource for funding opportunities covering all disciplines.

The Giveaway
A Chronicle blog that provides news and analysis on how people and foundations are donating their money.

An online learning community for the needs of the social sector, specifically designed to meet the needs of grantseekers.

Online Newsletters

Philanthropy News Digest
Available through Foundation Center’s website.  This e-newsletter will keep you informed of the latest news in philanthropy.

RFP Bulletin
Another free newsletter provided by the Foundation Center, the RFP bulletin is a weekly clearinghouse of RFPs announced by your favorite foundations.

For more information, contact the
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Don Sharitt
Bowers-Sturgill Hall