Restructuring at UVa-Wise

Aerial photo of campus

Restructuring at UVa-Wise

On July 1, 2006, Virginia’s public higher education institutions entered a new era.  Under the Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act, colleges and universities gained substantial freedom from state control in areas such as tuition and personnel management, if those institutions met state standards and goals.  The University of Virginia met the standards for the highest level of autonomy and, as a college of the University, UVa-Wise is included in this designation.

Read the University of Virginia’s Restructuring web site and plan.

The Restructuring legislation requires strict accountability, through Institutional Performance Measures.
View the College’s Institutional Performance Measures on SCHEV’s web site.

The University of Virginia’s partnership with UVa-Wise in Southwest Virginia under Restructuring is bringing collaborative, meaningful progress in economic development, health access and K-12.
Read the latest report on the Southwest Virginia partnership.
Visit the Appalachian Prosperity Project.

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