This section includes information on: Default Settings, Accessibility/ADA Compliance, Logo & Logo Design


The UVa-Wise template includes the approved default settings, which will assist you in developing your web page.   These default settings should not be changed. Default settings include:

  • Header: The default header complies with the College’s standards. The College’s logo is prominently located at the top left of the site and automatically links to the home page.
  • Colors: The default RGB colors are included in the graphic-standards.  Backgrounds: Main page background should be white. You do have the option on the template to change the background to light grey in specific blocks, box around photos, sub-headers, etc.
  • Web Font and Size: The official font is the Arial Font Family. Font sizes are set to default in the template and should not be changed.
  • Photos: When selecting photos for use on your page, be aware of the template’s dimensions for photos, e.g. horizontal photo placeholders in the template should be filled with horizontal images.
  • Forms: If you need a form for your page, please contact Joseph Meade in IT.
  • Page widths and responsive design: The page widths are defaulted in the template and are automatically responsive for mobile viewing.
  • Search location: The search field is always at the top right of the page on a computer screen. (In mobile view, search is listed in the menu icon on the top right of the screen.)
  • Navigation: The navigation menu is horizontally aligned at the top of the site. If possible, menus should be limited to 8 items or less. For assistance with a navigation menu, contact Joseph Meade in IT.
  • Footer Content: The footer is a default setting and includes most frequent and important links, links to the constituency gateways and social media as well as the notice of copyright.


Please see the Wold Wide Web Consortium site pages below for recommended accessibility guidelines. [The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is the international standards organization for the web.]

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at a Glance

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Overview

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Quick Reference

All College sites and pages should be able to pass the WAVE accessibility test.


The use of the official UVa-Wise logos, fonts and colors other than described in the web site guidelines or the style guide requires written approval from either the Office of College Relations or Learfield Licensing Partners dependent upon the application. Please email for permission.

For information and examples of official UVa-Wise logos, fonts and colors, refer to the graphic standards page. Alterations of the official logos and trademarks (typography, color, shape, etc.) are not permitted under any circumstances.