The UVa-Wise brand will, by default, appear on each web page on the left side of the top-most banner when creating a new page using one of the pre-existing templates. There may be instances however that content creators may need to include one of the trademarked logos within the body of a page.

Logos must be used in their entirety and can not be distorted, stretched, re-colored or incorporated into other artwork or logo in any way. Logos are trademarked and may be used only for official use. View the College Style Guide for complete information on use and procedures.

NOTE: No trademarked logos are to be used in advertising or other commercial projects.



  • PMS 200 / Pantone 200
  • RGB – 186, 12, 47
  • CSS – rgb (186, 12, 47)
  • Hex – #ba0c2f
  • CMYK – 3, 100, 70, 12
  • Websafe – #cc0033


  • PMS 431 / Pantone 431
  • RGB – 91, 108, 112
  • CSS – rgb (91, 103, 112)
  • Hex – #5b6670
  • CMYK – 45, 25, 16, 59
  • Websafe – #666666


It is not acceptable when using the name of the institution, to deviate from the authorized wording. It is also not acceptable to depart from a standard text treatment. For more information, please refer to the UVa-Wise Style Guide.


Fonts used in templates are purposefully locked. Do not utilize other font styles by attempting to manipulate code. Copy and headline font use should remain consistent within pages.


The College offers specific page templates for department use. The templates may be modified by Kristi McKinney in Information Technology only in rare cases and must be  pre-approved by the website committee. Templates for specific page classifications on the web should be used according to purpose.

For customization however, templates offer a range of blocks for use within the pages. Depending upon the type of administration rights granted many of these blocks include:

  • Body copy
  • Page headline
  • Intro copy
  • Statement callout
  • Image
  • 2-Up images
  • 3-Up images
  • 4-Up images
  • 3-Up icons
  • 4-Up icons
  • 2-Up fact boxes
  • 3-Up fact boxes
  • Fact slider
  • Pull quote
  • Video
  • Tertiary navigation
  • Carousel
  • Big button callout
  • 3 Column copy callout
  • 2-Up slider
  • 2 Column list
  • Events
  • Social feed

Please visit the Web Templates page for additional information.