Police Department Resources

Campus Police Department: Resources

The UVa-Wise Campus Police Department provides the following list of resources for your convenience in finding information regarding College emergency notifications, polices and programs, as well as personal safety considerations. As always, contact the Campus Police Department for more information about these resources or any other questions you may have.

Campus Policies (including Alcohol, Drugs, & Firearms)

All UVa-Wise policies are published annually in the UVa-Wise Student Handbook, Staff Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and College Catalog.


UVa-Wise is committed to operating with integrity and honor in full compliance will all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, as well as College policies. Areas of emphasis include, but are not limited to Title IX, Clery Act and VAWA. For additional information about compliance and these areas of emphasis, please visit the Compliance webpage.

Crime Log

The UVa-Wise Campus Police Department maintains a crime log which is available for public inspection during regular business hours at the Campus Police Office, located in Cantrell Hall.  The most recent 60-day period of the crime log is available upon request at no cost; portions requested of the log older than 60-days will be available within two business days.  The log contains information about all crimes reported to Campus Police, including the date the crime was reported; the date and time the crime occurred; the nature of the crime; the general location of the crime; and the disposition of the complaint, if known.

Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Tips

The following tips are provided in consideration of your personal safety:

  • Keep the door(s) to your residence and windows accessible from the outside locked at all times.
  • Never sleep in an unlocked room or house.
  • Don’t put your name and address on key rings.
  • Don’t keep your residence and vehicle keys on the same ring.
  • If you lose the keys to your residence, have the lock(s) changed. On-campus residents should notify Campus Police immediately.
  • Don’t study in poorly-lighted, secluded areas.
  • Require callers to identify themselves before opening your door. Off-campus residents should require official identification from all repair or service personnel.
  • Don’t let strangers in to use your phone. Offer to make the call for them or direct them to Campus Police.
  • If you receive obscene or harassing telephone calls, or several calls with no one on the other end, immediately notify Campus Police.
  • If you find that your room has been entered, DON’T GO INSIDE. Go to a neighbor and call Campus Police. If you are already inside, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. In doing so, you may disturb evidence that is important to police investigation.
  • If you are awakened by an intruder inside your room, don’t try to apprehend the person. He/she may be armed or may easily arm him/herself with something in the room. If this person poses an immediate threat, get out of the room;  if not, common sense may dictate pretending you are still asleep.
  • If you see a suspicious person or vehicle on campus immediately contact Campus Police. Try to get the license plate number.
  • Those in private residences should consider installing “peep holes” and intruder chains on outside doors. Also, if returning after dark, leave a light on at the entrance to your residence.
  • Students in campus housing are particularly advised against blocking open the entrance to residence halls. Defective locks on windows or doors should be reported to Campus Police or Facilities Management.
  • Don’t prop open locked doors to campus facilities. Report defective locks to Campus Police or Facilities Management.
  • Avoid bringing large amounts of cash or other valuables to campus.
  • Keep items of value out of sight.
  • Never lend the key to your residence.
  • Don’t hide keys under mats, above doors, in mailboxes, or anywhere else they can be easily found.
  • If you live in a residence hall, take your room key into the shower with you. Don’t leave it in your robe or other clothing where someone going through your pockets can find it.
  • When leaving your vehicle at a service station or parking garage, leave only the ignition key.
  • Participate in OPERATION ID with Campus Police.

While Campus Police is available to the campus 24/7, members of the campus community are reminded to also be responsible for their own safety and security, and that of others.  Campus Police trains the campus community in the ADD strategy – Avoid, Deny, Defend – in response to an active threat of violence. Consider your personal safety strategy in such a situation when law enforcement is not immediately available or is en route, including:

  • Avoid the situation. If a safe route is available, evacuate and move as far away as possible from the threat.
  • Deny access. If unsafe to escape, lock or block doors and entries with anything available to create a barrier between you and the threat.
  • Defend You have the right to protect yourself if necessary.

Then, call 911 when it is safe to do so.

Additional information about the ADD strategy is available at www.avoiddenydefend.org.

Emergency Response

The UVa-Wise Crisis Management Team and Crisis Communication Team provide updates and other information regarding emergency response on the Emergency Preparedness website, as well as emergency procedures.

Uniform Crime Report

The UVa-Wise Campus Police Department monitors all on-campus activities and reports all crimes to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting System. The College does not monitor or record statistics for crimes involving UVa-Wise students that occur in other jurisdictions and that are investigated by other police agencies. All such offenses are recorded by that jurisdiction as part of their Uniform Crime Report. Reports are provided on a calendar year (January-December) basis. UVa-Wise campus does not use the local police agencies to monitor and record criminal activity at off campus locations of student organization which are officially recognized by UVa-Wise, including those with off campus housing. The local agencies respond to crimes at those locations if the property is in their jurisdiction. Please view the Annual Security Report (ASR) for more information.

Vehicles & Parking Information

All vehicles parked on campus must be registered with the Campus Police Department and display a valid parking decal.  Decals, which are valid for one year (August 15 to August 15), may be purchased in the Campus Police Department for an annual fee for employees and students.

Rules & Regulations
Annually, the Campus Police Department publishes the Vehicles Rules & Regulations brochure which outlines registration, designated parking areas, and other information for parking a vehicle on the UVa-Wise campus.

Student Parking Registration Form
Vehicle decals may be purchased online by completing a Parking / Vehicle Registration Form for each vehicle.  The applicable parking registration fee is required at the time the form is submitted.

Employee Parking Registration Forms
Faculty and staff may authorize payroll deduction for payment of their parking registration fee by completing a payroll deduction form.  Employees can also complete their Parking / Vehicle Registration Form online. Forms are also available in the Campus Police Department.

Parking Ticket Appeals Form
Any individual who receives a parking ticket may submit an appeal to the Parking Appeals Committee if he/she feels that the ticket was issued in error or that he/she did not commit a violation.  Financial considerations and stating that no sign was present to indicate one could not park in a particular location are not valid reasons and will not be accepted in the appeals process.  The Parking Appeals Committee (members include faculty, staff and students) will review all appeals. An appeal form must be submitted within five (5) working days of the ticket.  The Parking Ticket Appeals Form is available in the Campus Police Department.

Campus Police

Cantrell Hall, lower level
276-328-0190 or 276-328-COPS
Weekdays from 8 am-5 pm

For all after hours police related non emergencies, call 276-328-3756.
For campus emergencies, call 911.