Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Procurement Services is the central department for the College responsible for the procurement, contract management, receipt, payment, and disposal of goods and services for academic and administrative departments.

  • Works with Maintenance and University Facilities Management and the Minority Procurement Program to coordinate the overall procurement efforts of the University.  Manages Major procurements, establishes College contracts, handles contract administration and compliance and major contracts such as Cafeteria, Vending and Campus Card.
  • Assists departments in preparing specifications and evaluating materials, supplies, equipment, and services to ensure proper quality, quantity, and timeliness of service.
  • Administers the University Purchasing Card Program.
  • Provides training and on-site visitations with College faculty.
  • Conducts audit of purchasing files and purchasing card files.


Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFP Number RFP Name Closing Date & Time
WS-JK-1108-001  GO Virginia Region One Agricultural Action Plan  December 21, 2018  3:00 PM

Sole Source Procurements

The University has determined that only one source is practicably available for these goods or services.

Goods / Services Contractor Selected Anticipated Award Date Date Posted


Listing Sheet
Phone Quote Tabulation Sheet
Purchasing Card Transfer
Purchase Requisition Form
Request for Fax/Phone Quote
Request to use Multi-Color Printing

Travel Rates


Joe Kiser
Resource Center
Phone: (276) 328-0143
Fax: (276) 328-0269

Elizabeth Moore
Resource Center
Phone: (276) 376-4527
Fax: (276) 328-0269