Frequently Asked Questions

  • A student must be enrolled full-time to be eligible for student wage payroll.
  • All paperwork must be completed in-full and approved by the Human Resource Department before a student actually starts working. The submission of incomplete forms will not be approved and may delay the hiring process.



Q: How many hours can a student work within a given pay period?
A: A student can work a total of 20 hours per week during a given pay period. If a student works for more than one department it is the responsibility of the student to monitor hours and only work the 20 hours.


Q: What forms are needed to be put on student wage and where do I obtain the forms?
AConditions of Hourly/Wage Employment Form, I-9 Form, Direct Deposit Form, Tax Forms, Copies of SS Card & Drivers License, Student Schedule, and Selective Service Compliance Form.

These forms are available online or in the Human Resources Department, which is located in the Resource Building.


Q: What if I forget my Integrated Systems password?
APlease call the Integrated System Help Desk for them to reset your password 434.924.3731.


Q: How frequently does Integrated Systems passwords expire?
A: The Integrated Systems passwords will expire every 45 days and will prompt you to change the password (EXCEPTION will be if you only have Self Service responsibility, in which case it does not expire). The VPN passwords require to be changed annually.