Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Integrated Systems Reporting

Discoverer Users
It is required by the University that all projects be reconciled by the 10th working day of each month. If you have any problems running the required reports, please contact Kristy Robertson and she will gladly assist you.

Non-Discoverer Users
Monthly reports will be distributed to all project managers within the first five working days at the beginning of each month. It is required by the University that all projects be reconciled within 10 working days. If you do not receive your reports within this timeframe please contact Kristy Robertson.

Helpful Reminder Project reports can be requested at any time during the month to get the most current balances.

Other helpful tips on Integrated Systems:

Instructions on how to change your Integrated System password
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Gift Reporting
Financial Reporting provides financial information for all endowments, quasi-endowments, gifts, and professorships. Working in conjunction with the Office of Development, Financial Reporting ensures that all expenditures and receipts are administered by the criteria set forth by the donor.

The Financial Reporting area can provide principal balances, fund additions, interest earnings, projected interest earnings and expenditures for gift and endowment holdings upon request.

If you need any financial information regarding these funds, it can be obtained by contacting Bobbi Mullins.

Agency Funds Accounts Reporting
Reports and balances for these types of accounts are distributed by Financial Reporting monthly. If there is a need to have this information provided to you more frequently or if you have a special request please feel free in contacting the Financial Reporting area.

Reports for these type accounts are distributed upon completion of bank reconciliations. These reports are typically sent out by the 15th of each month. Any questions regarding these accounts please contact Sarah Parsons.

Specialized Reporting
If you have a need for any specialized reports that would be of assistance in aiding you to better manage your projects, or accounts, contact the Financial Reporting area. Financial Reporting will work with you to develop and tailor reports that best meet your particular needs.