Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs

UVA Office of Sponsored Programs

All grant proposals of the College must first be sent to the Grants Team for review prior to being submitted to the sponsor. Accounting Services works with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at UVA, who establishes grant projects, provides required financial reports to sponsors, and must negotiate any grants and contracts, if needed.

Grants Accounting
Responsible for establishing and maintaining all federal, state and private grant accounts here at the college. Duties include working with grant writers to insure that all federal guidelines are followed as outlined by the Federal Circular A-21, which includes CAS (Cost Accounting Standards). Accounting Services must receive the proposal & completed electronic PRF for review two weeks before it needs to be sent to meet the sponsors deadline. Upon receipt of any award documentation the Principal Investigator might receive, that information must be forwarded to Accounting Services promptly.

To establish a grant project, the information needed by accounting services is as follows:

  • Completed electronic PRF in Research UVA
  • Copy of Request for Proposal (RFP) or solicitation packet, if any
  • Copy of Proposal
  • Award letter from sponsor if proposal is approved for funding

Without the information listed above, accounting services cannot establish the project through OSP. Once the project is established, monthly reconciliations must be conducted to ensure expenditures are allowable to the particular grant.

How do I know if my funds should be treated as a gift or grant through OSP?

The Office of Sponsored Programs, in consultation with University Advancement and the unit dean or executive, will make a final determination as to whether the funding in question shall be treated as a gift or sponsored program.

If you have any questions regarding Grants Accounting at the College, please contact the Grants Team.

NOTE: If a Principal Investigator receives a check from a sponsor, it is their responsibility to deliver the check to Accounting Services IMMEDIATELY upon its receipt.

CAS (Cost Accounting Standards) Information for Federal Awards

Effort Reporting Information for ALL grant awards