Travel Card

Bank of America Travel Card

Purpose of the Travel Card
The Travel Card is a convenient means for charging travel-related expenses while conducting official College business OR reimbursable business and recruitment meals when the cardholder is not in travel status.  All purchases must comply with current State and College travel guidelines.

Who is eligible?
All full-time faculty and classified staff who travel two or more times per year on College business are eligible to apply for the Bank of America Travel Card. Written approval from the Comptroller is required for other College employees, such as part-time faculty and staff.

What is the application process?
All forms need to be completed & returned to the Comptroller’s Office

1. Complete Travel Card training. Please contact Heather Wilson to schedule your training at 276.376.4676 or

2. Complete the Cardholder Agreement Form

What to expect next:
Once you have completed the travel card training and turned in the Cardholder Agreement, the Program Administrator will create a user account for you and grant you access to the Works system.

Once this user account is created you will receive a welcome e-mail from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Within this e-mail will be a link for you to log into the Works system and create your user password.  After a user password is created you can complete the on-line application for a Bank of America travel card.  Please see attached link to a Works User Guide to assist you in the on-line application process.

After your on-line application is reviewed and approved you will receive your Bank of America travel card within 10 working days.

Bank of America Travel Card Billing Dates

REMINDER- Travel Card training must be completed before card will be issued

Annually Required Travel Card Training
All travel cardholders are required to complete travel card training annually.  This training is accessed through the Knowledge Center in the Learning Management System.  The link to the Knowledge Center is

You will be required to log into the Knowledge Center with an ID and password.  Attached is a document that will assist you with logging into and registering with the Knowledge Center.

You will access the training through the Learning Center. After reviewing the training presentation will be required to complete a quiz.  You must complete the quiz with 100% accuracy to obtain credit for the training.  Please print your certificate after you have successfully completed the training.

To assist you in completing your annually required travel card training click on the following link, Travel Card Training screen shots, for step by step instructions and screen shots to guide you through the training process.


What can the card be used for?
Travel cards may be used only for reimbursable travel and related expenditures while an employee is in travel status. Personal charges to the card ARE NOT allowed. 

Who is responsible for repayment to Bank of America Travel Card?
The employee is personally responsible to make prompt payment to Bank of America immediately upon receipt of the statement. It is up to the employee to submit timely travel reimbursements and pay their Bank of America Travel Card account in full upon receipt of their statement.

Is the Bank of America Travel Card a revolving credit card?
No, the Bank of America Travel Card is not a revolving credit card.  Payment must be made in full upon receipt of your statement.

What happens if I do not pay my bill in full upon receipt of the statement?
See attachment Bank of America Travel Card Collection Process

What should I do if I do not receive a statement?
If you do not receive a monthly statement you can log into the Works system and print one from there.  You can also call 1-888-449-2273 and request a statement.

NOTE: If your Travel Card is permanently suspended by Bank of America, you will NOT be eligible for any travel advance funds from the College.

Can I make payments and manage my account on-line?
Yes, you can make payments and manage your account on-line 24 hours a day 7 days a week at

Is there a Cardholder Customer Service number that I can call if I have questions about my Bank of America travel card or account?
You can call the customer service number at 1-888-449-2273 if you have any questions about your travel card or your account.