Wage (or Student) Employee Instructions

Instructions for Wage (or Student) Employees

Wage employees that have never been employed by UVa-Wise must complete the following:

Supervisor gives the student the following packet of forms and/or informational sheets:

  • Conditions of Employment form (must be completed and signed by supervisor, department chair and student)
  • VA-4 form
  • Electronic Access Agreement form
  • Printed Class Schedule (student must show they are enrolled full time to be eligible to work)
  • Information on W-4 (student will key into the Integrated system after their hire date)
  • Information on Direct Deposit (student will key into the Integrated system after their hire date)
  • I-9 acceptable document list (instructions for completing the required on-line I-9 will be sent via email to student employee after approval of hire by I-9 Specialist)

The supervisor sends the completed packet to Human Resources for processing.

The HR office sends the completed request to budget office for approval of funding.

After budget approval, HR will advise supervisor and student of appointment date and time to bring original copies of acceptable documents that establish identity and employment authorization to the HR office to the I-9 Specialist.(A list of the acceptable documents is attached–For example, a valid Driver’s license and Social Security card or passport will be acceptable forms of identification.)

After the on-line I-9 is completed by both the student and the I-Specialist, the student will be given the start date to work in your department.

Returning wage employees must complete the following:

  • Conditions of Hourly Employment: Please read and sign the back of this form. Your supervisor will need to complete and sign the first page.
  • Electronic Access Agreement: Please read and fill out form.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form: Complete online in Oracle (Self Service).
  • Class Schedule: Please include a copy of your student’s class schedule. This must be turned in to prove the student is full-time.

Please make a copy of your completed packet for your records. Forms should be turned in to Human Resources no more than 1 week before start date. If you have any questions please call 276.376.1067.


  • A student must be enrolled full-time to be eligible for student wage payroll.
  • All paperwork must be completed in full and approved by the Human Resources Department before a student actually starts working.  The submission of incomplete forms will not be approved and may delay the hiring process.
  • A student can work a total of 20 hours per week during a given pay period.  If a student works for more than one department, it is the responsibility of the student to monitor hours and only work the 20 hours.