Program Review Calendar

Program Review Calendar

The current departmental program review schedule is as follows:


  • History & Philosophy
  • Business & Economics
  • Visual & Performing Arts


  • Natural Sciences
  • Language & Literature


  • Communication Studies


  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics & Computer Sciences (Math Only)

The Departments of Education, Nursing, and Mathematics and Computer Sciences (Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Management Information Systems ONLY) will substitute their self study for a national accrediting body for program review.

One year before the document is due (previous September)

  • The department chair will review the last departmental five-year review.
  • The department chair will assign parts of the review to faculty, to be due on or before the end of the fall semester.
  • The department will examine their mission statement.
  • The department will decide what data is required, and make the request to the Institutional Research office, to be due at end of fall semester.
  • The department chair will prepare a draft of the review.

Spring semester before document is due

  • The department chair will analyze data and complete draft.

End of spring semester

  • The department will suggest names of external reviewer to the provost.
  • The provost will appoint an external reviewer.
  • The IR office will update data to include spring semester as requested by chair.

Fourth Monday in September

  • The department chair will give the final program review to the provost.
  • The provost’s office will send the report to the Program Review Subcommittee for critique.
  • The provost’s office will make arrangements for the external reviewer to be on campus.

First Monday in October

  • The Program Review Subcommittee will meet with the department chair to offer suggestions.
  • The department will make any necessary revisions to the report.

Week following Fall Break

  • The department chair will send final document to the provost’s office.
  • The provost’s office will forward document to the external reviewer and finalize details of campus visit.

First week in November

  • The office of institutional research will gather supporting documents for the reviewer.
  • External reviewer will be on campus to conduct review and meet with faculty.
  • The reviewer will meet with the department chair, the academic dean, the provost and the chancellor for an exit interview.

Last week in November

  • The external review will provide a written report to the provost.
  • The provost’s office will schedule a meeting with the department to share recommendations.

End of following January

  • The department chair will give to the provost a written report outlining the plan to address recommendations, with expected completion dates.


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