The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Office of Economic Development and Engagement is committed to helping students reach their full potential as they plan to start new ventures or become a driver for innovation in their career path.

UVa-Wise strives to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation where students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to share out-of-the-box ideas, resources and mentors are accessible, and creative networks and spaces are available for aspiring entrepreneurs to work on their business plans.

Through various programs, workshops, and competitions, UVa-Wise Entrepreneurship will help increase entrepreneurial thinking at UVa-Wise that will translate into the start and sustainability of successful businesses and a dynamic workforce in Southwest Virginia.

2019-20 Entrepreneurial and Innovation Programs Schedule of Events

Fall Semester 2019

Innovators INC meetings every Wednesday at 6:00 PM @ The Nest

August 20 – Student Activity Fair

September 4 – First Innovators INC meeting 6:00 PM at The Nest

September 11 – Start of The U of Hustle Program

September 15 – The U of Hustle Program

September 25 – The U of Hustle Program

October 1 – Taco Tuesday Creators Meetup @ The Nest

October 2 – The U of Hustle Program

October 8 – Cav’s Tank Pitch Event

October 9 – The U of Hustle Program

October 23 – The U of Hustle Program

October 25 – Entrepreneurship Cup Concept Competition Submissions are due by HIGH Noon

October 30 – Escape Room @ The Nest

November 7 – ECup Concept Competition finalist announced

November 11 – 15 — Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019

  • November 11 – Shark Tank binge-watch party
  • November 12 – Women in Eship event
  • November 13 – TBA
  • November 14 – TBA
  • November 15 – Entrepreneurship Cup Concept Competition Final Presentations 1:00 PM   Location: TBD

December 10 – Study @ The Nest

Spring Semester 2020

Innovators INC meetings every Wednesday at 6:00 PM @ The Nest

January 22 – Event/Speaker @ The Nest

February 7 – UVA E-Cup Discovery Competition Submissions Due

February 13 – UVA E-Cup Discovery Competition finalist announced

February 15 – G2K Games Contest Submissions Due

February 15-22 – National Entrepreneurship Week

  • February 15 – TBA
  • February 16 – TBA
  • February 17 – TBA
  • February 18 – TBA
  • February 19 – TBA

February 20 – UVA E-Cup Discovery Competition Final presentations

February 21 – American Evolution Innovators Cup Submissions Due

February 28 – G2K Games Practice Pitches

March 7 – International Women’s Day Event

March 8 – G2K Games Final Executive Summaries Due

March 29 – The G2K GAME – Innovation Competition

April 5 – Speaker or workshop @ The Nest

April 11 – 13 – Tom Tom Founders Festival Trip

May 1 — TEDxUVaWise

Logo for The Nest

The Nest is dedicated to serving aspiring entrepreneurs in Southwest Virginia and providing them with the skills needed to run a successful business. By participating in programs offered at The Nest, entrepreneurs will discover their full potential and turn their ideas into a reality.

Learn more on The Nest at TheNestSWVA.com!

Entrepreneurs find Opportunity in Southwest Virginia

Opportunity SWVA logoCoordinated by UVa-Wise Office of Economic Development and Engagement, Opportunity SWVA is a collaborative effort to strengthen entrepreneurship in Southwest Virginia. The initiative is piloting the way for the region to align resources, highlighting opportunity for entrepreneurs, supporting their efforts, and expanding the spirit they bring to their communities. Opportunity SWVA works to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to start or grow their business in Southwest Virginia.

For more information contact Josh Sawyers at jsawyers@uvawise.edu or 276.298.9896.