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UVa-Wise Entrepreneurship Cup

About the UVa-Wise E-Cup

Organized under the University of Virginia Entrepreneurship Cup, also known as the E-Cup, the UVa-Wise E-Cup is an annual competition that seeks to enrich the area’s entrepreneurial community by encouraging new ventures with the potential to address unmet needs, solve social and economic problems, and do so in an interdisciplinary way. The E-Cup is open to all UVa-Wise students and UVA undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Beginning in 2015, the University of Virginia E-Cup consists of three different stages: Concept, Discovery and Launch! Each stage will have its own competition with varying judging criteria. The Concept stage is the only competition that will be held at UVa-Wise and will include only UVa-Wise students competing in the track. The Discovery and Launch! stages will combine all tracks of students from UVA and UVa-Wise and will be held at UVA in Charlottesville.

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Javier Wagner, McKenna Blevins, Kaitlynn Davis and Tara Greear

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Visit EntrepreneurshipCup.com to learn more or contact Robyn Lee at (276) 376-3453 or rlee@uvawise.edu