Judging Criteria and Submission Requirements

Judging Criteria:

The G2K Game is a concept competition that will be based on submission of an Executive Summary and presentation describing the business idea.

The ideas can be for any type of business the students choose, as long as there is a technology component to the concept. Ideas that integrate technology including websites or social media are eligible to compete. However, ideas that include apps or other cutting edge technology are encouraged and will receive higher points on their scorecard.

Executive Summaries are not expected to be a full business plan, only a concept that addresses the specified criteria. In their decision-making, the judges will consider the following dimensions of the concept submissions and presentations:

  • Customer Need or Want – The submission identifies and describes an addressable need, want, problem, or opportunity in society.
    • What is the problem being solved or need/want that the concept is satisfying?


  • Product or Service – The submission presents an original solution, whether product or service, for addressing the need, want, problem, or opportunity.
    • What is the product/service?
    • How does it solve the need/want in society?


  • Market – The submission defines and describes the people or entities that experience the need, want, problem or opportunity.
    • Who are the customers that would purchase the product or service?
    • Who would benefit from the product or service if it was made available?
    • How will the product/service be promoted?
    • How will the product/service generate revenue?


  • Value Proposition – The submission describes and supports how the concept is an improvement over existing offerings.
    • Who is the competition?
    • How is the product/service unique or an improvement over competition and why would the customer value it over competition?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the product/service?


  • Management & Operation – The submission describes how the product/service will be created and what is needed to deliver it to market.
    • Identify the key persons and skills needed to implement the concept.
    • How will the product/service be created and delivered to customers?
    • What physical facilities and technology are needed to produce or deliver the product/service?
    • If awarded, how will the award funds be used to assist in the further development of the business concept?

Submission Requirements:

The competition is open to all students in any discipline or department at UVa-Wise. Individuals and teams of no more than 6 members can compete. Teams and individuals competing in the competition must submit an Executive Summary describing the business concept and team.

The Executive Summary should be submitted reflecting the Judging Criteria and should follow the guidelines below:

  • Summaries should be no greater than four pages in length
  • Font should be no smaller than 10-points
  • Margins should be no smaller than one inch
  • Appendix materials should be less than three additional pages
  • A separate cover page should list names, email addresses, and intended graduation year for all team members