GO Virginia Region One Council

GO Virginia Region One

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Region One (GO VA 1) comprises thirteen counties and three cities in far southwest Virginia with an estimated population of just over 393,000 at the time of organization, making Region One among the  least populated of the GO VA regions.

Much of GO VA 1 has been dependent upon natural resources – such as coal, timber, and natural gas – as its economic base for many generations, enjoying economic growth during boom times but enduring extreme economic difficulties during primary industry contractions. Echoing one of the forces behind the formation of GO Virginia, the economic leaders of the region have identified the volatility of relying upon a single source economy – regardless of what industry it may be – and are embracing the creation of a varied and robust economic base for its citizenry.

GO Virginia Region One Council Growth and Diversification Plan

The GO Virginia Region One Growth & Diversification Plan was submitted to DHCD in draft form and will be reviewed at the September 7 Region One Council Board meeting.  You may review the draft by clicking the link below:

Go Virginia Region One Council Growth & Diversification Plan draft


Region One Council Members

Mike Quillen, Chair
Allan Funk, Vice Chair
Cathy St. Clair
David Leonard
David Olive
Dean Sprinkle
Duane Miller

Donna Henry
George Cridlin
Joshua Lewis
Jim Street
Kyra Bishop
Lois Clarke
Jeff Perrigan

Mike Stollings
Moir Beamer
Richard Edwards
Ron McCall
Sam Cassell

Beth D. Rhinehart

Travis Staton



Economic Development

Duane Miller
& Josh Lewis

Higher Education

Dean Sprinkle

Chambers of Commerce

Beth Rhinehart


Travis Staton