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UVa-Wise proudly supports military veterans and those who actively serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Our faculty and staff are committed to help you succeed in your academic and professional endeavors. The Office of the Registrar at UVa-Wise serves as the liaison for all military-related matters at the College. Please contact that office (Crockett Hall, second floor) if you have any questions or need assistance in processing any military-related forms.


Financing Your Education with Military-Related Benefits
New and returning students should complete the items on the following checklist. Not every item will be applicable to each student.

  1. Apply for Financial Aid to establish eligibility for grants and loans.
  2. Apply for VA education benefits (see links below)
  3. Turn in your Certificate of Eligibility (Post-9/11 GI Bill only)
  4. Apply for any additional aid or scholarships that the College has to offer.
  5. Consider funding sources that work in concert with other types of financial aid benefits such as Federal Tuition Assistance.
  6. Schedule an appointment with Becky Huffman in the Financial Aid Office to review your options. It is important to fill out all applications for aid prior to that meeting so that financial aid officers can make a determination regarding aid.
  7.  Make a Payment Plan for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by benefits and other aid.

Military Activation Policy
UVa-Wise students who are in the military, military reserves, or the National Guard of the United States and who are called to active duty after the beginning of a semester or summer session have two options available that they may consider with their advisor in determining their enrollment status with the College:

  1. Students may withdraw from all courses in which they are enrolled as of the effective date of the order to report to active duty. If this option is chosen, a full credit of all tuition and fees will be made to the student’s account. Students will receive a pro-rated credit of dining service and of housing contract charges. Financial aid awards that were credited to students’ accounts will be recovered by the College in the amount of tuition and fees, dining or housing credit.
  2. Students may take a grade of incomplete in all courses if the student receives the official order during the last three weeks of the term. The conditions for completing course work and receiving a regular grade should be agreed to between the student and the appropriate faculty member for each course in which the student is enrolled. Upon separation from active duty, students must complete the course work by the end of the next regular academic term.  Students will receive a pro-rated credit of dining service and housing contract charges. Financial aid awards that were credited to students’ accounts will be recovered by the amount of any dining or housing credit.

Although this policy pertains primarily to the reserves and National Guard, the same options will be offered to active duty personnel who are transferred unexpectedly out of the Wise area as a result of the President of the United States activating reserve or National Guard units.

To initiate the process of withdrawing from courses or receiving incompletes in courses, students must provide a copy of their active duty orders to the Advising and Retention Coordinator in Crockett Hall Room 118. The orders will be kept in the student’s permanent file in the Registrar’s Office along with the withdrawal form or the request for incompletes. A copy of a duly executed power of attorney will be required by the College before processing a withdrawal or an incomplete form for a student, when that process is initiated by any person other than the student. It is recommended that a power of attorney be filed for any activated student to address any unanticipated situation. The student’s advisor should be notified of the activation.

Applicants to the College who have accepted an offer of admission but who have not yet registered in a degree program will be permitted to enroll for the next appropriate semester following their discharge from active duty provided the college receives adequate notice of the applicant’s intention to re-enroll. It will not be necessary for the applicant to reapply for admission nor to pay an additional application fee. Any prepaid admission deposits, tuition, room or board charges will be refunded.

This policy is applicable to all students registered at the College whether on the main grounds or through the Abingdon location. For further information contact the Office of the Registrar.

Military-Related Priority Registration
Students who are actively serving the United States of America in any capacity may seek priority registration from the Office of the Registrar. Priority registration allows students on active military duty to schedule their classes in advance if they have documentation to support the necessity of priority registration. Contact Narda Porter or Kime Berry in the Office of the Registrar.

Military-Related Transfer Evaluation
UVa-Wise exercises due diligence in evaluating and determining its acceptance or rejection of each of the following methods of transfer:

  • Credit recommendations listed in the American Council on Education (ACE) National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training and the ACE Military Guide as well as DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support).
  • Credit demonstrated by successfully passing national for-credit examination programs such as The College Board College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement Testing.
  • Individualized portfolio evaluation, which may be conducted by Department Chairs and/or the Registrar.
  • UVa-Wise attempts to honor credit granted by regionally accredited Virginia institutions awarded through regular study at the awarding institutions.


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