Registrar’s Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How many semester hours and what GPA are required in order to complete my degree requirements from UVa-Wise?
A: A minimum of 120 semester hours are required in order to receive a degree. You are allowed to transfer a combined total of 62 hours from two year colleges. There is no total from 4-year colleges at this time. However, you must complete a total of 45 hrs. from UVA-Wise with a min. of 15 hrs. upper level classwork. An overall GPA of 2.00 or higher for all college level work (including transfer work) and 2.00 or higher on all work attempted at UVa-Wise.

Q: When should I apply for graduation?
A: You should apply for graduation one semester prior to graduation.

Q: How do I know if I have met the degree requirements to graduate?
A: During your senior year, after filing a Graduation Application, your degree program will be audited by the Office of the Registrar to assure that you are fulfilling your degree requirements. You will be notified of deficiencies by this office. APPLY EARLY !!



Q:  When should I file a declaration of major form?
A: According to the UVA-Wise catalog, all full-time students must declare their major (or their intent to major in departments which have an approval process for the major) by March 1 of the semester in which they will reach 60 hours of course credits. If they should accrue 60 hours at the end of the previous fall semester, they may declare their major at any time during their next semester, but must have declared by March 1 of the spring semester following. Students who have not declared their majors by that deadline in the appropriate semester will not be allowed to register for fall courses until after all other students have completed registration for the fall courses. Students may, of course, declare a major at any time prior to accruing 60 hours. At the time students declare their majors, they will be assigned an advisor in their major by the chair of their department. A student may declare a major via the Department Chair of their intended major.  The student must meet with the prospective Department Chair and at that time the declaration of major form is submitted electronically to the Office of the Registrar.



Q: As a degree seeking student, can I transfer classes from other colleges?
A: Yes, so long as you have received permission for the class and filed the Request to Transfer a Course form with the Registrar’s Office. You must receive a grade of C- or better in the course you are requesting to transfer.  Please refer to the current UVA-Wise catalog for detail.



Q: Are grades mailed to me at the end of the term?
A:  Grade reports are not mailed. If you need a copy of your Grade Report, you may obtain one through the my UVA-Wise Student Information portal, by selecting “Grade Report”. For an official College grade report, you may obtain an official school transcript.



Q: If I do not register on my priority (scheduled) date, when can I register?
A:  You may register without penalty any time after your assigned date to register up through the last day prior to exams for the current term. There may, however, be periods of time when the system is down for maintenance.

Q: Do I have to see my advisor before I register?
A:  All undergraduate degree-seeking students should meet with his/her assigned advisor prior to course registration. Provided you have no other obligations (account holds) with the College, you will be permitted to register on your assigned date.

Q: If I have an obligation (hold) with the College that cannot be cleared prior to my registration day, what do I do?
A:  All obligations (holds) with the College that prevent registration should be cleared prior to your registration for classes. If you believe your situation justifies an exception, you should contact the area that initiated the hold and explain your situation. Any alternative arrangement should be made with the obligating office.

Q: How do I make make changes to my schedule (add/drop classes)?
A: You can make changes to your schedule online thru the My UVA-Wise site (Student Information Portal) as long as the portal is open for registration. Once the portal closes, you will need to complete a Schedule Action Form and obtain your advisor’s signature to add and/or drop a class from your schedule. If you are trying to add a class that is closed (full), you will need that instructor’s signature in addition to your advisor’s signature to add that class.



Q:  How do I get a copy of my transcript?
A:  The are several ways to receive a copy of your transcript: (1) You can come by the Registrar’s Office and pick one up. You must fill out a Transcript Request Form in order for the transcript to be released. By logging on to UVAWISE.EDU, click on Alumni, then transcript request. (2) You can request a copy online via this link Transcript Request Online which utilizes digital signatures. (3) You can download the transcript request form and mail it to the Registrar’s Office.

Q:  What if I need my transcript faxed or over-nighted?
A:  A faxed copy of a transcript is unofficial.  Unfortunately, we are unable to overnight your transcript.

Q:  Can someone else pick my transcript?
A:  Yes. However, you must state their name and give your permission on the transcript request form.

Q:  I need to have someone sign a paper or write a letter for my insurance company (loan company), where do I go?
A:  The Registrar’s Office can certify enrollment for your Health/Auto Insurance.  An enrollment certification can be printed at no charge from the my UVA-Wise site by selecting ‘Students’ and then ‘Reports for Students’.

Q:  What if I need Enrollment verification right now?
A:  You can print off an enrollment certification/verification letter via the My UVA-Wise site (Student Information Portal), 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is not a fee for enrollment certifications.

Q: How many hours must I take to be a full-time student?
A: A full-time student is any student taking more than 12 hours a semester. If at any time during the semester you drop a class, and your credit hours fall below 12 hrs, then you are considered a part-time student. In this situation, you may need to contact Financial Aid and/or Student Housing if applicable. Note: All athletes are required to take at least 12hrs per semester.


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