Class Registration Information

The following items MUST be completed in order to register online:

  1. For regular fall and spring terms, student must seek Registration Clearance from their advisor of record.

  2. Clear all stop codes/holds AND have them removed from your account.

  3. Schedule an advisor appointment.

  4. Plan a schedule of classes.  Be sure to include alternate courses.

  5. Log-on to My UVA Wise student information portal.

  6. Register on-line at or on your device or tablet at

  7. Make payment arrangements with the Cashier’s Office


*Students must pay fees or cancel registration; registered students are obligated according to the Terms of Enrollment:

A student will be considered enrolled if the following conditions are met:

  • The student is registered for courses for a particular semester or summer session; and the student’s account balance in the Cashier’s Office is $0 or shows a credit; and
  • The student’s attendance in at least one class has been verified.

A student who registers for classes and who receives financial aid must notify the Office of the Registrar or the Cashier’s Office within seven days of the beginning of classes if he or she does not intend to enroll for the semester. If a student fails to do so:

  • Financial Aid will be awarded upon the attendance of one class resulting in the use of one semester eligibility; and
  • A grade of “F” will be earned for all courses in which the student was pre-registered.

The Schedule Action Form is to be completed, signed, and submitted to the Registrar’s Office only when attempting to add a course that is closed, adding a class that will put you above 18hrs for a semester, or when there is a pre-requisite issue on the my UVA Wise Portal.



According to the UVA Wise catalog, all full-time students must declare their major (or their intent to major in departments which have an approval process for the major) by March 1st of the semester in which they will reach 60 hours of course credits. If they should accrue 60 hours at the end of the previous fall semester, they may declare their major at any time during their next semester, but must have declared by March 1st of the spring semester following. Students who have not declared their majors by that deadline in the appropriate semester will not be allowed to register for fall courses until after all other students have completed registration for the fall courses. Students may, of course, declare a major at any time prior to accruing 60 hours. At the time students declare their majors, they will be assigned an advisor in their major by the chair of their department. A student may declare a major or intent to major or may change majors by meeting with the Department Chairperson of their proposed major.  The department chair will submit this information via electronic form to the Office of the Registrar.

For complete information and details, please refer to the current UVA Wise catalog, or view the catalog online.