Transferring Courses

Transferring Courses to Wise

Courses listed on the VCCS and KCCS transfer guide(s) will transfer to UVA Wise.  Any course not listed or taken at another institution will need pre-approval.  Please note there are courses that will not transfer to UVA Wise.   Students must submit an official transcript from the transferring institution in order to receive credit for course(s) taken. For pre-approval, questions, or additional information, please e-mail us at

Note: There are limits as to the number of credits that can be transferred to UVA Wise, please see the current UVA Wise catalog for details.

The full policy for incoming transfer students can be found in the College Catalog. Evaluations of transfer credit are prepared under the authority of academic departments, which reserve final decisions relative to the application of transfer credit to degree requirements in the major. Transcript evaluators prepare formal evaluations of transfer credit under the direction of the Registrar of UVA Wise. In the case of disputes between transfer students and academic departments relative to the application of transfer credit to degree requirements, the Registrar generally is able to resolve the problem satisfactorily. In cases where conflicts cannot be resolved at the department level, they are referred to the Academic Dean who has the final authority. The Registrar has been designated Chief Transfer Officer at UVA Wise and is the central source of information about transferring.

For course transfer or placement information, please see the attached VCCS (Virginia), the KCCS (Kentucky) equivalency guide(s), or the AP/IB placement policy for course transfer information.

VCCS (Virginia) Transfer Equivalency Guide
KCCS (Kentucky) Transfer Guide
AP Course Policy
CLEP Course Policy
IB Course Policy
Cambridge Course Policy

If you are a new student interested in transferring to Wise, view more information regarding Guaranteed Admission and our Articulation Agreements.