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Expedition 2011Expedition serves as an all-encompassing kick-off to the UVa-Wise experience for all new first-year students.  Named for Mr. Jefferson's vision of exploration of the western U.S. by Lewis and Clark, it is a three-day extended orientation program that helps new students make their transition into the campus community as seamless as possible. 

While summer orientation sessions provided students and families an opportunity to learn more about UVa-Wise, get questions answered and take care of business, Expedition is focused solely on the new students.  Expedition incorporates a multitude of educational, social, community service, and leadership opportunities geared toward student success.

The Expedition logo, a directional compass, is symbolic of the different directions, opportunities and challenges that College life brings. UVa-Wise abounds with opportunities for academic exploration and the development of leadership and personal skills.

All new UVa-Wise students (residential and commuter), including freshmen as well as transfer students who have completed less than 30 transferrable hours, are expected to participate in Expedition.  Please do not plan weekend trips, vacations, work hours, etc. during this three-day period.

Students attending ALL Expedition sessions will also receive one cultural activity credit toward their graduation requirement.

Expedition 2014 will be held the weekend prior to classes begin, August 15-17.  Expedition signals the start of the UVa-Wise educational journey for each new student! Expedition activities fill each day and evening through the journey’s official conclusion on Sunday.  All meals are provided for students during their Expedition journey.  View last year's schedule summary [HERE].

ELs @ check-inELs, or Expedition Leaders, are upperclass students that will guide new students through their Expedition journey.  As team leaders, ELs will be active participants in all Expedition activities. 

The selection process for Expedition Leaders is held each spring semester for currently enrolled students.  EL training includes both spring and fall sessions, and all ELs receive meals during training and throughout Expedition, an Expedition slingpack, Expedition manual, and a $150 stipend. 

Selection of 2014 ELs will be in spring 2014 semester.  The 2013 ELs were:  Jackson Austin, Ahdel Best, Lindse Brewer, Leann Carter, Megan Crumley, Dustin Ferrell, Andrew Jessee, R. Nikki Lane, Kevin 'Nate' Large, Abby Mason, Ken McReynolds, Nathan Rasnake, April Rivers, Samantha Robinson, Samantha Smith, Emma Spangler, Becca Statzer, and Santana VanDyke. 


  • Are meals provided during Expedition?  Yes, students are given meal tickets to use for their meals throughout Expedition.  Meal plans do not begin until the Sunday evening dinner meal.
  • What should I wear?  Dress is casual.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes...you will be walking all around campus.
  • What should I bring?  Students are given a slingpack and folder to keep up with their Expedition materials, so you won't need a backpack or other bag.  Depending on weather forecasts, you may want to bring an umbrella.
  • Where do I park?  Students should park in their regular, designated parking lot.  If you have already purchased a decal, you received a Rules & Regulations brochure that outlines parking areas.  It is also accesible online [HERE]. 
  • When do I get my Cavs Card?  You will receive your Cavs Card at Expedition check-in (residential students on Friday; commuters on Saturday).  If you plan to purchase textbooks when they go on sale on August 13, the Bookstore will have your card for the transaction, and you can pick it up at Expedition check-in.
  • Are campus offices open during Expedition weekend?  Offices are open regular business hours on Friday.  On Saturday, only the Bookstore is open from 6-9 pm (no textbook sales this evening).  On Sunday, several offices are open from 9 am-4 pm, including:  Admissions, Advising, Bookstore, Campus Police, Cashier, Financial Aid, Housing, Post Office, Registrar, and Student Development (Health Services).  You may visit any of these offices around your Expedition activities.

Please contact Stephanie Shell (stephanie.shell@uvawise.edu or 276-328-0216) if you have any questions.