Transferring Courses

In order to transfer a course from another university or community college, degree-seeking students must complete and submit a request to transfer a course form to the Registrar for approval. If approval is granted, then the student must submit an official transcript from that institution to UVa-Wise to receive credit for that course. Note: There are limits as to the number of credits that can be transferred to UVa-Wise, please see the current UVa-Wise catalog for details.

Credit can only be given for courses that were completed with a C- or better.

For course transfer or placement information, please see the attached VCCS (Virginia), the KCCS (Kentucky) equivalency guide(s), or the AP/IB placement policy for course transfer information.



KYGUIDEAUG11.pdf63.48 KB
AP/ IB/ Cambridge September 2013.pdf139.81 KB
VCCS TRANSFER EQUIVALENCY GUIDE updated Jan. 2015.pdf488.16 KB