Degree Programs

Degree Programs

The Major in Communication Studies is recommended for students who plan careers or graduate school in communication, journalism, media studies or related areas.

Application Process

Those who wish to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Communication Studies must complete the following procedure:

  1. Submit to department chair a declaration of major form. In order to be accepted into the department major, students must have a 2.0 GPA overall and a 2.3 GPA in courses taken for the major. However, it is the strong recommendation of this department, based on past experience, that students have a 2.5 overall GPA before declaring the major, given that our upper level courses are both writing and theory-intensive.
  2. The student will be assigned an advisor to assist in developing a schedule of courses to complete the major.
  3. This procedure must take place by the first semester of the student’s junior year to ensure that the student has completed the Liberal Arts Core requirements, and to provide time to complete the major requirements in a reasonable fashion. From time to time, the department will review the progress of the student.


The Department of Communication Studies is please to award graduation with honors to distinguished students. To earn honors the student shall:

  1. Maintain a 3.50 cumulative grade point average in courses taken on campus and courses transferred to UVa-Wise;
  2. Be nominated for honors by the student’s departmental advisor and at least one other member of the department;
  3. Submit a research paper in COM 4992 that is deemed to be distinguished by at least two members of the Department of Communication Studies.

Core Requirements

Research Methods Requirements (9 hours)

  • MTH 1180 Elementary Probability and Statistics (3) or AJU/PSY/SOCI 3025 Research Statistics (3)
  • COM 3700 Quantitative Research Methods (3) or AJU/PSY/SOC 3030 Research Methods (3)
  • COM 3750 Qualitative Research Methods (3)

Three hours selected from:

  • COM 1000 Public Speaking (3) or THT 2201 Voice and Oral Interpretation (3)

Nine hours selected from:

  • COM 2050 Introduction to Rhetorical Studies (3)
  • COM 2100 Introduction to Journalism and Media Writing (3)
  • COM 2200 Media Studies (3)
  • COM 2300 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (3)

All Courses Required:

  • COM 3400 Business and Professional Communication (3)
  • COM 3500 Communication Theory (3)
  • COM 4100 Practicum in Applied Communication (1)
  • COM 4500 Rhetorical Criticism (3)
  • COM 4991 Senior Research Seminar (2)
  • COM 4992 Senior Capstone (3)

12 hours of upper- division electives chosen from this group of courses:

  • COM 3110 Advanced Print Journalism
  • COM 3120 Advanced Writing for Radio-TV-Film
  • COM 3210 Introduction to Film Analysis
  • COM 3220 Film and Video Production Techniques
  • COM 3270 Topics in Film History
  • COM 3450 Technical Writing
  • COM 3810 Introduction to Public Relations
  • COM 3850 Principles of Advertising
  • COM 4000 Persuasion
  • COM 4010 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
  • COM 4015 Dialects of the Appalachian Region
  • COM 4250 Newsreal
  • COM 4300 Nonverbal Communication
  • COM 4310 Family Communication
  • COM 4400 Organizational Communication
  • COM 3960/4960 Special Topics in Communication
  • COM 4870/4880 Cooperative Education Project
  • COM 4941 Internship in Communication
  • COM 4970 Independent Study in Communication
  • ENG 3010 Appalachian Prose and Poetry
  • PSY 3060 Cultural Diversity
  • MKT XXXX Marketing Courses
  • THT 3205 Playwriting
  • THT 4000 Performance Studies

Minor Requirements

Courses must be selected in consultation with the department chair. Students will complete 18 credit hours of COM courses, 12 of which must be in courses at the 3000-level or above. A student may use no more than 3 credit hours of cooperative education, internship or independent study to satisfy requirements for the minor.

Licensure for Teaching Journalism or Speech

Licensure in journalism or speech may be added to basic licensure in English by completing the appropriate coursework.

Licensure to teach journalism may be obtained by completing 15 hours of COM courses, to include COM 2100 and COM 3120, in addition to the prescribed program for English certification.

Licensure to teach speech may be added to the basic licensure in English by taking 15 hours of Communication courses, to include COM 1000, THT 1200, and COM 2300.