UVA Wise is committed to bridging the technology gap by providing each full-time student, faculty and staff with iPad, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. The innovate2eleVAte (i2eleVAte) project gives students the technical skills required for academic success. Equipping our community with iPads boosts innovative teaching and academic success on campus and enhances the educational experience in the classroom and beyond.

iPads come preloaded with apps that support academic success, and iPad implementation allows faculty to select open source text books, which students can download for no cost to their iPad. This helps save on the expense of textbooks each semester.

“The innovate2eleVAte iPad initiative at UVA Wise will level the playing field for our students. Faculty and staff are excited to implement projects that will create community, enhance academic engagement and help our students develop technological skills to meet changing workforce demands”

Donna Price Henry


I don’t have a computer.  Will the iPad be enough?
When the iPad is used in conjunction with existing departmental computer labs and student use computers in the library, the iPad should be enough. Computing requirements vary for different majors (for example, computer science and software engineering) it is best to check with your advisor if you have specific questions.

What will students receive with the iPad?
The iPad will be a 3rd generation 256gb iPad Air.  The device will be packaged with a charger.  Accessories distributed with the device will include an iPad case, keyboard and pencil. All items will need to be returned if the student does not graduate or enroll in the next semester.

Who qualifies to receive an iPad?
All full-time degree seeking students can choose to receive an iPad.  All full-time faculty and staff can choose to receive an iPad.

Who owns the iPad?
iPads are the property of UVA Wise until the student graduates and purchases the iPad for $1.

Will there be training on use of the iPads?
Yes. An Apple Learning Specialist will be on campus for 1 year.  The Apple Learning Specialist will engage with faculty, staff and students to promote effective use of the technology across campus. Workshops will be scheduled on a regular basis.

When does the iPad have to be returned?
Students will return the iPad and accessories when no longer enrolled as a full-time degree seeking student. Students who graduate can pay $1 and take the iPad and accessories with them. Faculty and staff will return the iPad and accessories when no longer an employee of the college.

What if a student drops a class and then has less than 12 hours for the semester?
If the student drops a class and is no longer full time, they retain the use of the iPad provided they enroll full time for the following semester.

What happens if the iPad is lost or stolen?
The student is responsible for the cost of replacing the device. Stolen iPads should be reported to Campus Police.

What happens if the iPad is damaged?
The iPads are covered under Applecare for 36 months.  If the iPad is damaged the student can arrange repair by directly contacting Applecare at 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753).

There is a $49 fee for the first repair.  The second repair fee is $49.  If the device is damaged a third time the repair fee is $445.  These fees are the responsibility of the student.

Will iPad usage be monitored?
User data will remain private.

Will iPad users be able to install apps on the iPads?
Yes.  iPad users will be able to install apps on the iPads.  iPad users without an Apple ID will be able to install apps recommended by faculty and staff through a Self Service feature deployed with the iPads.  iPad users will also be able to install personally owned apps from the App Store if they choose to create an Apple ID and setup an account with Apple. Learn more about using Microsoft Office on your iPad.

Will iPad users be able to install games on the iPads?
Yes.  The iPads will not be restricted.  Apps from the App Store can be installed at the users discretion.

Who is responsible for backing up data on the iPads?
The end users are responsible for backing up their data on the iPads.