Jimson Weed: UVA Wise's Literary Journal

Jimson Weed is a biannual literary and art journal of the Department of Language and Literature at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. The Jimson Weed publishes poetry, prose, and original art, including paintings and photography.

About Us 

Jimson Weed is a student, faculty, and college community publication featuring poetry, prose, artwork and photography. Our journal is published twice a year, in the fall and spring.  Now in its third decade, the new series was revived in the spring of 1998 and has continued biannual publication to the present.  Since the fall of 2000, the premiere of the journal has been accompanied by Coffee Night, a poetry and fiction reading from acclaimed professional authors and contributors.

As the Jimson Weed celebrates its 27th year, take a look back at where it all started.

Current Faculty Advisors 

  • Amy Clark
  • Jonathan Crimmins
  • Emily Dotson
  • Gillian Huang-Tiller
  • Kenneth Tiller

Current Student Editorial Staff

Managing Editor: Noah Looney
Assistant Managing Editor: Aden Lane, Elijah Roucka
Art and Graphics Editor: Angel Johnson, Jacob Sparkman

Editorial Staff: 

  • Kallie Berry
  • Yasmine Elhajjam
  • Julianna Jenkins
  • Bailey Lantman
  • Raine Maloughney
  • Rebekah Navalaney
  • Ethan Powers
  • Efrata Terefe
  • Max Turner


Prose manuscripts must be 2,250 words or less. Submissions from the College community and from other writers are considered at any time. Please submit by email (Microsoft Word attachment is preferred) to jimson-weed@uvawise.edu. The material printed in this journal is protected by copyright and may not be reprinted, copied, or quoted, except by specific written permission of the author and notification of the journal.

The material presented in the Jimson Weed is the creative expression of its contributors and does not reflect the views of student editors or faculty advisors, the College faculty, staff, student body, board of visitors, or alumni.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jimson Weed

Ashley Timbrook of the Highland Cavalier interviewed Professor Huang-Tiller for the Jimson Weed in March 2018.

How long has the Jimson Weed been a part of the school?
It was founded in 1969. It stopped and restarted twice in the 70s and 80s until it was finally revived as the new series in 1998.

How long have you been the faculty advisor?
Since 2000.

Who are the different people involved in making the Jimson Weed? What are their positions?
Currently, in addition to the five faculty advisors, we have a student managing editor, assistant managing editor, art and graphics editor, and a number of student staff editors, all of whom work with the selection and production process.

What type of stories does the Jimson Weed accept? 
All types of stories—as well as poems and non-fiction works—may be considered, as long as they are within the journal’s length restriction.

When can students normally expect to see the newest edition of the Jimson Weed?
It comes out twice a year, the fall edition in November and the spring edition in April. 

How is the cover photo picked?
Cover art is selected from among art and photography submissions by the managing editor, after consulting the staff editors and faculty advisors, if need be. 

Why be a part of the Jimson Weed production process? How do you become a part of the process?  When are your meetings? 
Working with the journal gives our students experience in producing a literary journal and gives them exposure to a variety of literary submissions from their fellow students and from professional, published writers. Anyone with an interest in art and literature is invited to join the staff. We usually have a general meeting the first or second week of each semester, and we meet three or four times mid-semester to select submissions, based on a “blind” policy. 

What can publishing in the Jimson Weed do for you? 
It gives publication experience to new writers and artists and gives them visibility in the region and beyond. It also gives creative students an opportunity to develop their potential as creative writers through their college years.

Are there any special awards or recognitions for publishing or working for the Jimson Weed
We recognize our managing and art and graphics editor twice a year at coffee night and at an appreciation dinner. We offer a best story and poem award occasionally. We also recognize our contributors at the journal’s premiere at coffee night.

What makes working with the Jimson Weed fun? 
The team spirit that develops among the editors, the pleasure of appreciating submissions and producing a quality-journal, and especially the biannual coffee night readings with acclaimed featured writers and the journal’s contributors, along with other members of the college community, make participation in and production of the Jimson Weed a fun experience.