Mathematics Assessment

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Department of Mathematics & Computer Science wishes to ensure student success by accurately placing students into mathematics courses for which they are best prepared.

*Note on the Use of Calculators: Mathematics courses at UVA Wise required on the Calculus track (including prerequisite courses) generally do not allow the use of calculators.

Initial Placement

Initial placements in Mathematics are made for new students using department guidance to aid academic advisors with course scheduling and academic planning as part of the Orientation process. This is based on math courses from the high school record and/or ACT/SAT scores. CPLs (credits for prior learning such as AP/IB/CLEP/Cambridge), dual enrollment courses, and transfer courses are evaluated for credit in accordance with UVA Wise equivalency policies.

Students will discuss their initial placement and course selection with their advisor during the Orientation advising session. Due to system upgrades, no math assessment will be available during the Orientation process.

Transfer Credits

UVA Wise recognizes that many students may have transferable mathematics credit(s) (including dual-enrollment courses and AP credit).  Due to our departmental calculator policy, students transferring mathematics credit(s) may have had a different experience in their previous mathematics courses.  Thus, it is important for students reflect upon their knowledge without the use of a calculator. In doing so, students and advisors will be able to select the mathematics course that is best suited for success.

Students with transferable mathematics credit(s) should discuss the following options with their advisor:

  1. Students who have successfully completed a prerequisite course may register for the next course if they feel they are mathematically prepared.
  2. Students who do not feel that they are mathematically prepared for the next course, may register to audit a course previously taken. In doing so, students will be able to refresh their mathematical skills to prepare for future mathematics courses without penalty towards their GPA.

*Note:  Students choosing to register for a course they have previously taken may opt to take it for a grade.  However, the most recent grade will be the grade of record for GPA calculation and degree requirements.