Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

The College recognizes and honors students who have attained a high level of scholarship as undergraduates.

To that end, the Chancellor’s Medal is awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated excellence in the pursuit of knowledge beyond the classroom. To be eligible for the Chancellor’s Medal, a student must have been nominated by a faculty mentor in response to an exceptional project, and members of the Undergraduate Research Council must have judged the student’s work to be particularly meritorious and deserving of public recognition.

Chancellor’s Medal Recipients

  • 2023: Landon Elkins
  • 2022: Brayden Reid Carty
  • 2021: Zoe Grace Crihfield
  • 2020: Olivia Grace Fast
  • 2019: Kara Elizabeth Dotten
  • 2018: Roseanna Marie Crowell
  • 2017: Kelsey Webb
  • 2016: John Alexander “Jack” Nauss
  • 2015: Andrew James Chapman
  • 2014: Joshua Worrell
  • 2013: Matthew Donlevy
  • 2012: Nathaniel Robinette
  • 2011: Spencer Todd Adams, Jr.
  • 2010: Erica Grey Dell
  • 2009: Daniel G. Helbert