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In each of its issues, the UVA Wise Alumni Magazine works to capture stories that inspire connection among alumni and friends in order to boost these important stakeholders’ engagement with the College. By sharing campus news, longer-form features, athletics updates, and information about our alumni and friends, we hope you’ll gain updated insight into the positive momentum of the College, its students, and its community members.

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Alumni ambassador State Majority Leader Terry Kilgore shares UVA Wise’s story every day

The newest issue of the UVA Wise Magazine is available online and, with it, you can learn about how State House Majority Leader and alumnus Terry Kilgore shares UVA Wise’s story every day. From one end of the UVA Wise campus to the other, Kilgore makes a visible, lasting impact to his alma mater and its promising future in the heart of far Southwest Virginia. »

Making Big Change

UVA Wise is still young by higher education standards, but its endowment is growing steadily. While more support is needed to provide the exceptional education the College delivers—particularly with new opportunities being introduced every semester that drive students’ careers and lives following graduation—many have stepped up. Whether alumni, friends of the college, parents, faculty and staff or retirees, their diverse reasons for giving show the always-strong and ever-growing devotion that UVA Wise community members have for the students they support.

Immeasurable Investment

There are special, rare gifts that may not demonstrate their value immediately, but their practicality and worth reverberate throughout families and for generations to come. That is precisely the type of bequest that was made with the Carl W. Smith Scholars fund. With a matching gift from the University, students who receive the funds attend UVA Wise with little cost. Tuition, fees, room and board, and an internship, externship or a study abroad opportunity are all covered by the fund, which gives qualified students access to a college education at UVA Wise.

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