Pre-Entrance Health

Submit your pre-entrance health packet

Prior to your enrollment, information about your health and immunization status is required by Virginia law and College policy to be submitted to UVA Student and Employee Health Wise. 

Download the Pre-Entrance Health Packet

The Pre-Entrance Health Packet can be printed or you may call 276-376-3475 to request that a copy be mailed to you.

(Medical, nursing, and medical technology students are required to provide additional immunization information to the Department of Nursing). Failure to provide complete information may result in delay of course registration.

Please ensure that you have fully completed the Pre-Entrance Health Packet as outlined. Return the completed packet by August 1 for students entering UVA Wise in the fall semester and by January 2 for spring semester entry to:

UVA Student & Employee Health Wise
1 College Avenue
Wise, VA  24293

All students, including student-athletes, must:

Complete the Pre‐Entrance Health Record (p. 1‐4), including:

  • general and current health information (p. 1‐2)
  • release of medical information and/or medical consent for minor students (p. 2)
  • up‐to‐date immunization/screening information with signature of health professional (p. 3‐4)
  • full insurance information, including signature of policyholder/carrier AND copy of card (front/back) (p. 4)
  • student signature
  • legal guardian signature for minor students

Records (or appropriate waiver forms, p. 5) for required additional immunizations and screenings for both Hepatitis B and Meningococcal Disease

Retain a copy of all forms for your records.

Student-athletes only:

In addition to the Pre-Entrance Health Packet, student-athletes must also:

  • Complete the Athletics Medical History Form (p. 6)
  • Complete the Athletics Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (p. 7)

NOTE: Look for additional athletics forms via email through ARMS from the Athletic Training Department.