Donald Leech


Associate Professor of History

Courses Taught

  • Medieval Europe
  • Early Modern Europe
  • History of England
  • Byzantium & Islam: Medieval Mediterranean
  • Age of Global Contacts
  • The Twelfth Century Renaissance (special topic)

Research Interests

Dr. Leech is an urban historian of late medieval England.  His research and writing on the subject include: the urban economy, town-country networks, and local identities. The large provincial city of Coventry is used as the focus for these studies.

Professional Interests

Member of the Medieval Academy of America and the American Historical Association.

Selected Publications

“Recycling White Power Rumors After the Black Death,” and “Militias and White Nationalists.” In Ian Brodie, et. al. COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories: QAnon, 5G, the New World Order and Other Viral Ideas. (MacFarland and Co. November 2020).

“A ward level economic topography of sixteenth-century Coventry.” Midland History (Spring, 2024)

“Enclosures and De-sacralization in Tudor Coventry, and the Foundations of Modern Urban Space.” Urban History (July, 2021).

Leech, D. “‘By the evidence of this city’:  Enclosing Land and Memory in Fifteenth Century Coventry.”Medieval History Journal (April 2012).

Leech, D. “Stability and Change at the End of the Middle Ages: Coventry 1450-1525.“ Midland History (Spring 2009).

Ph.D. – University of Minnesota, 2007
M.A. – California State University, Long Beach, 2002
B.A. – Madonna University, 1992
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