Gretchen Martin


Professor of English

Teaching and Research Interests

American Literature to 1900, Southern Literature, African American Literature, Narrative Theory, Cultural Materialism, New Historicism, Gender Theory, American Humor


The University of Virginia’s College at Wise
African American Women Writers – English 3130
19th Century American Novel – English 4070
Literary Theory – English 3950
Slavery – History/Literature – Honors 3950
Southern Literature – English 3830
American Poetry & Prose I – English 3810
18th Century British Literature – English 3710
Studies in American Humor – English 3130
African American Literature – English 3030
Intro. to Literature – English 3000
Honors Composition – English 1030
Composition II – English 1020
Composition I – English 1010

Recent Publications

Dancing on the Color Line: African American Tricksters in American Literature,
University Press of Mississippi, 2015.
Paperback edition, 2018.

Reprint.  “Swallow Barn’s Signifying Son: Trickster Wit and Subversive Hero.”
Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism.  Ed. Lawrence J. Trudeau.  Vol. 349.  Gale, Layman Poupard Publishing, 2018.

Reprint.  “‘Am I going to have to hear it all again?’ Quentin Compson’s Role as
Narratee in The Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom!”  Critical Insights: The
Sound and the Fury.  Ed. Taylor Haygood.  Ipswhich: Salem Press, 2014.

“Bawn in a Briar-patch & Frontier Bred: Joel Chandler Harris’s Debt to the Humor
of the Old South.”  Southern Frontier Humor: New Approaches.
Ed. Edward Piacentino.  The University of Mississippi Press, 2013.

“The Year’s Work in American Humor Studies, 2018.” Studies in American Humor. 4.6. (2020): 124-187.

“The Pedagogics of the Con in Guy Owens’s Flim-Flam Man” Studies in American Humor. 4. 3. (2019): 330-350.

“The Year’s Work in American Humor Studies, 2016.” Studies in American Humor. 4.2 (2018): 216-283.

“‘The hated blood was in his own veins!’” Miscegenation & Rage in Mark Twain’s Which Was it? The Mark Twain Journal 51.2-1 (Spring/Fall 2015).

Ph.D., English, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.A., English, Northern Michigan University
B.A., English, University of Iowa
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